Thank Goodess for My Quarterlife Crisis

Otherwise I would’ve never made the decision to go to Thailand for 2/3 months starting in August.

Why Thailand? Well, there’s a few things I’ve taken into consideration:
1. It’s cheap.
2. Beaches
3. The food?! Helloooo!
4. Johnny’s going to be able to take Muay Thai boxing classes (!!!!)
5. I haven’t been to Asia
6. Because I want to

I’ve felt this huge void in my life for the past year now. This huge empty space that is longing to create, to experience, to explore and feel alive. Somehow, in this past year of getting a great job in my “dream career”, I’ve managed to become a zombie. Get out of bed. Shower. Makeup. Breakfast. Drive. Sit. 8 hours later. Home. Dinner. Sleep. What the hell kind of life is that? Definitely not the life I imagined myself having. According to most people, I’ve reached the point in my life I should be making important career choices, settling down with Johnny and picking out houses, and planning on children.


Instead I’m going to Thailand. (and maybe Bali! eeeeeee!)

The other day I finally saw Eat, Pray, Love. I balled my eyes out. Cried and cried until I felt like I couldn’t anymore. I know I’m probably one of the few people who loved the movie, but to me, I needed to see someone break free and live. I’ve read about it in numerous books and blogs7, but something about seeing the visuals in a movie really spoke to me. It was right then and there I decided I was going to go to Thailand. Something about this decision just feels so right, so perfect for me. There’s no other time than now, right? I don’t have children, I don’t have a mortgage or a car. I just need a few months to learn, explore, grow, LIVE. And it’s not like I will be gone forever.

My quarterlife crisis has taught me many things. First, happiness just IS. You don’t need anything or anyone to make you happy. That magazine that tells you that you need that new eye cream to feel better about yourself? Bullshit. That commercial that says if you drive this certain type of car to be happy? Shenanigans. You are perfect just the way you are, with or without the new Gucci bag or the Lexus. It’s also taught me to treat my body with respect. There is no need to be skinny, but I know what I do put in my body is just as important as my mental health. It’s taught me to not keep secrets, to let friends know how I feel, to not feel guilty or ashamed. But most importantly, my quarterlife crisis has taught me to feel alive again.

Now let’s start trip planning!

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