What am I doing?

My wanderlust has reached an all-time high. I did something somewhat irrational, but completely made sense to me at the time.

Searching through eslcafe.com, I found a posting for a teaching job in Thailand through Footprints Recruiting. NO CERTIFICATION NEEDED, COLLEGE DEGREE ONLY, the post read. I stared at the link for some time before I decided to just do it. I really didn’t except anything to come out of it, but a few days later I got a call from their office to schedule a phone interview. I was excited, panicked, nervous. I wasn’t expecting to get a call AT ALL. It was something I had done spur of the moment, with barely any consideration of what could actually happen.

A few days later,  I had the interview. It went pretty smoothly. Questions like, “What’s a difficult situation you had to encounter while oversees?”, “What is an example of a teaching situation you have been in?”, etc. Pretty easy and straight forward stuff. Finally, it was my turn to ask questions. “When would I need to leave?”

The response was something I was not expecting to hear: “As soon as possible.” My heart starting pounding in my chest. Why was I reacting this way? Wasn’t this what I wanted to do? To get away and start my brand and business and travel the world?

The rest of the interview went smoothly. But I just could not get the weird feeling out of my head that I had somehow made a bad decision. What would I do if I miraculously did get the job? I still had a lease, my dog, my family and Johnny. I don’t have much money saved…*sigh*.

Good thing for my mental health, I did not get the job. But I still cannot shake this feeling that I need to get out and go away. Just maybe not at this very second of my life. But soon, my dears, very soon.

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