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5 Years with my Best Friend

I’m taking a detour from travel today to write about the love of my life. Johnny reads the blog so I’m hoping he stops by today ;).

Five years ago, after I met Johnny for the first time, I went on Facebook and wrote on his wall:

I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you, let’s hang out! Pretty bold, right? Well, it worked. About a week later, we started dating.

First picture of us together. I was 19. INSANE!

When we first starting dating, I had no idea that we’d still be together now. At the time, I was 19 and a freshman in college. I was looking to have fun and to NOT sleep in my gross dorm with wet walls (ohhhh the humidity in Florida). Who would’ve known that Johnny would have turned out to be the my best friend and partner for life?

We’ve been through everything together. We survived through late college nights and 10 page papers. We managed through a long distance relationship while I was in London and he moved to LA. We laughed together after we tried to eat at an IHOP in Alabama and were refused service because we’re an interracial couple (true fucking story). After I moved to LA, we dealt with the struggles of working minimum wage jobs while trying to feed ourselves and pay rent. He still tells me I’m beautiful everyday even though I’ve gained a lot of weight. He’s held me when I’ve cried, he’s dealt with my depression outbursts. He’s the best road trip partner, even if I can’t stay awake longer than an hour. He’s helped me decide that I need to get out of this job rut and start saving for travel.

I love everything about Johnny. I love the birthmark on his face (I call him my calico 🙂 ). I love his laugh, the way he forces me to go to the gym when I just want to punch him. I love the way he’s so passionate about life, his zest for learning, and how he tries to teach me MMA moves. I love the way he does laundry for me and tries to fold my clothes. I love the way I can tell him everything about me without judgement. I love that he actually listens to me. I love that he takes care of me, even before taking care of himself. He’s more than my boyfriend, Johnny is truly the best friend a girl could ever ask for. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that despite everything going on in my life, I get to wake up everyday next to a man I love unconditionally and I know loves me too.

I love you Johnny. Here’s to another 5!


Photos of the Week – Santorini – Part 2

It’s Friday, and I’d rather be anywhere but at the office. I’m feeling really nostalgic, so I decided to feature more gorgeous picture from Santorini, Greece. Because honestly, you can’t get enough. Enjoy 🙂


One of the highlights of my time in Santorini was riding one of the donkeys down the mountain. I  thought I was going to die, as the path is cobblestone and the donkeys just kind of slide down the mountain. Still a fun experience nonetheless!

Absolute perfection.


Shoes or Travel? Can’t you have both?

There’s only one true way to my heart. Shoes. You see those shoes up there? I want them. Bad. I’ve been eying them for weeks now. They have a 5.8 inch heel *swoon*. They’re originally $98, but they’ve gone down to $48. 50% off!

That $48  is 193 Argentina pesos or 1,470 Thai Baht. It’s insane amounts of money, a lot of food, excursions, nights on the beach.  So what’s a girl to do when she hasn’t bought anything for herself in ages?

There’s countless blogs and articles about being frugal while planning a trip. Save! Save! Save! Sell! Sell! Sell! And of course you should save. And before a big trip you should probably get rid of a lot of things. And I’m the first one that needs to get rid of a lot of shit. (I’ve started! 2 bags down to Goodwill already!)  But should you never buy anything for yourself ever again?

Since I’ve been planning for my trip, I have been relentless in saving and I don’t even make a lot of money. All of the extra luxuries I allowed myself are gone. Every little bit of extra change has gone to my trip fund. I’ve stopped getting manicures and pedicures, I’ve started doing my own eyebrows, and I can’t even think of the last time I’ve been seriously clothes shopping. Going out on the weekends has been significantly minimized. I plan meals to save on groceries. I only eat out on special occasions (saving money and weight loss). I don’t go to Starbucks. This trip is super important to me, and I’ve been doing everything I can to ensure that I’m saving money.

My momma always taught me to take care of myself. So I always try to pamper myself whenever I can. Every once in awhile, when I can afford it, I might buy myself a bottle of wine or a new lipstick color, a cheap shirt from Forever 21. But damnit. Those shoes are stealing my heart.

So I’m just going to come out and say it. Those overblown minimalists who make it a point to make you feel bad because you own more than 3 pairs of shoes get on my nerves. I admire your tenacity and gutso for not owning at lot of things, but just because I own more shoes than the average doesn’t make me any less of a person. I love shoes. I always have. Fashion has always been a HUGE passion of mine, and clothes and shoes are more than just things I put on my body. It’s about wanting to look my best at all times, it’s actually something that I care a lot about. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t live in extremes. I’ll never be able to be a hardcore minimalist.

Decluttering is great. Getting rid of things is awesome. We all need to do it. I need to do it. We need to save money, we obviously want to travel. But there comes a point when sometimes, you might just really have to bite the bullet sometimes and fucking buy something for yourself and not feel bad about it.

I think those shoes might be mine soon. At 50% off, I don’t think I can pass them up.

And I won’t feel guilty about it. Those 5.8 inches are gonna be mine baby!


A Very Happy Kanyes-Giving

While I was in London, I made the best drunk purchase of my life.


Kanye West, by far is my favorite musical artist (Other than Beyonce). I’ve liked him ever since Through the Wire, to Stronger to Heartless. While drinking in my flat one day, I stumbled upon the ad for Kanye West’s concert at the O2. I let out a giant scream. “KANYE WESTTTTTTTTT!!!!”

Immediately one of my other friends joined my at my computer and made the best suggestion that’s ever been made. “Lets just buy the tickets!” For a mere $60, we really couldn’t pass it up. We were going to see Kanye in London on Thanksgiving Day. We thereby dubbed the day “Kanyes-Giving”.

Then tragedy struck. Kanye’s mom passed away. A string of concert dates were canceled, including the date right before ours. We were sure that he was going to cancel our show, as the funeral for his mom was 2 days before our show.  We checked over and over again, and FINALLY, we received an e-mail letting us know the concert was going as planned. But we had our doubts as to the show would be. Could someone who just buried their mother really give a good performance?

Throw Your Diamonds In the Sky!

On Thanksgiving Day we got to the O2 arena a good 9 hours before the concert. Turns out a LOT of people had the same idea, as the line for general admission was pretty long. It was all worth it in the end, because we ended up snagging places in the SECOND row. I thought I was going to hyperventilate. Kanye West. London. Second Row. I was in heaven.

Mr. West gave the performance of a lifetime. There was much fire and passion, so much heart. Multiple times throughout the show he mentioned his mother and how his mom would not want him to give a shitty performance. Seeing Kanye in concert totally reaffirmed for me what a great artist he is. He played for a solid 2 hours, never missing a beat, until the performed the song about his mom, ‘Hey Mama’.

I know people are so used to seeing the cocky Kanye, the Kanye who hurt Taylor’s feelings, the asshole Kanye. But in that moment, there was just a single spotlight on him, he started to rap:

“I wanna tell the whole world about a friend of mine
This little light of mine and I’m finna let it shine
I’m finna take yall back to them better times
I’m finna talk about my mama if yall don’t mind”

Then he choked up. His head in his hands, he sobbed. The music continued playing while the entire arena first sat in silence, then shouting “Kanye!, Kanye!, Kanye!” He then sat down, and finished the rest of the song with so much passion you just couldn’t help but get emotional. In that moment, you saw the REAL Kanye. An amazing performer who allowed his real emotions to shine through his music. It was such an incredible moment that I’ll never ever forget. I’ll forever be a fan.

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Photos of the Week- Sunset at Versailles

Oh Paris. My favorite city I have been to so far. But we’ll talk about Paris later.

I went to Versailles, but my friend and I ended up getting lost and getting there late and we couldn’t take the tour inside. Instead, my friend and I opted to take pictures of the gorgeous sunset at the gardens. It was absolutely stunning.

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