Photos of the Week – Rhodes Island, Greece

I’m doing my Photos of the Week on Sunday.

Breaking all the rules, it’s what I do.

While on my cruise through the Greek Islands, we stopped in Rhodes. It was the first time we were able to stop and actually lay on a beach. I was a bit disappointed as Rhodes is a pebble beach, which was slightly uncomfortable, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

The standout feature of Rhodes was the diving board in the middle of the ocean. I don’t swim, so I just sat and watched everyone nearly die as they swam all the way to the diving board. Apparently it was a lot longer swim that everyone expected!

Does anyone know the story of why there’s a diving board? I’d love to know!

Once they all got there, it was jump after jump. It was so much fun watching everyone!

Have you been to Rhodes? Did you jump off of the diving board?


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