Hidden Gems in London: The Basement Tea Room in Camden

Well, my computer still isn’t working, but I managed to upload all of my pictures to Johnny’s computer, so we are back in business! Still keep your fingers crossed that I can get my computer fixed in Paris!

So, Camden is hands down my favorite part of London. Cheap food, inexpensive clothes, awesome people…it was heaven for me.

Camden is full of unique little nooks and corners. Every turn you take, there was something new to see. Go down a set of stairs and you might find a vintage luggage boutique, or on the canal, a boat bookstore. The Basement Tea Room is no different.

To get to The Basement Tea room, you must first find the Camden Horse Stables. From there, find the set of stairs that go to the toilets, and then follow the signs. You’ll find a magical little vintage trove full of teas, cupcakes, cakes, and other treats.

While we were there, Johnny and I settled for a pot of tea, since we had already stuffed ourselves full of cheap Chinese and Mexican food (more on this later). It was only 2 pounds for an ADORABLE tea setting, and the ambiance to match. Harry, the owner, played Christmas music on an old piano while we sat and chatted. So. freaking. cute.

There’s also an awesome selection of books to choose from, as well as a vintage store that Harry owns as well. It was basically my heaven. If you’re ever in the London area and have a chance to go to Camden, visit The Basement Tea Room!

The Basement Tea Room doesn’t have an official website, but you can check out their Facebook page here.


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