All of my Dreams Came True at the Hello Kitty Cafe

My friends Alicia and Chris from Busan came to visit Johnny and I last weekend, and we went to have lunch in Hongdae. As we were walking down the main strip, something pink and magnificent caught my eye.


Anyone that knows me/if you’ve been reading for a minute, you know that I am utterly, over the top, RIDICULOUSLY obsessed with Hello Kitty. Being in Korea has only intensified my love. I even bought the Hello Kitty toilet paper when it went on sale at Emart. AND I HAVE NO SHAME EITHER!

It’s been my ultimate dream to go to the Hello Kitty cafe. So when I saw it on top of the hill, just as beautiful and pink as ever, I squealed like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. My friends and I decide to go to the cafe after we had lunch, but I could barely contain myself to wait that long.

When we finally got inside the cafe, my heart exploded all over again. Pink, pink and more pink everywhere. Hello Kitty waffles! Hello Kitty tiramisu! Hello Kitty green tea lattes! Hello Kitty chairs! Hello Kitty tables! Hello Kitty Bathroom! Hello Kitty everythinggggggggg! It was like my childhood x450435734895634. I was in heaven. Hello. Kitty. Heaven. Nothing will compare! (except the Hello Kitty plane….yes…it exists and YES! I will fly it one day)

Oh yes. That is Hello Kitty’s face in a green tea latte. Heart = exploded

I need to find this bathroom mirror IMMEDIATELY.

The Hello Kitty cafe is slightly overpriced, but the food and drinks were actually really good. Honestly, I’d pay anything for the Hello Kitty cafe, but I’m also slightly biased. I plan on going back a few more (ahem, a LOT more) times before I leave here…because seriously…HELLO KITTY CAFE!!!!!! You definitely cannot find one anywhere in the States.

I am terrible with directions, so if you want to get to the Hello Kitty Cafe, Eat Your Kimchi has wonderful directions and a map!

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