Shit My Students Draw: The Cee Lo Edition

So, a few weeks ago I posted pictures of the hilarious pictures my 7th grade students drew depicting Justin Bieber’s song Baby. And this week, I bring to you my 9th grade students’ pictures of their song of the week, Cee Lo’s, Forget You (the Glee version, of course).

I love that the newscaster is so happy.

Homegirl is giving her ex the hand! But he's still so handsome. Sigh.
band x3. Yes. He looks so sad too!
As you can see, some of my students are freaking artists. AMAZING! (I can't even draw a stick figure properly)
Chanel bag? Check. Fur stole? Check. Fancy sunglasses? Check.
I laughed so hard at this one. "You are a gold digger?" "No...." It's the "..." that gets me. LOL! Also notice that the sun is ALL up in their business.

Apparently a gold digger is also roughly translated into a Korean word meaning 'snake'. ALL of my students drew snakes/snake women to represent a gold digger.
See! Snakes! (also really awesome picture)
The guy looks like a wanna be rapper and I love it.
I need my students to teach me how to draw!
I'm really feeling the emotion in this drawing.

Next week, my teachers gave me the okay to teach the students the ChaCha Slide. Did I mention that I have the coolest job EVER?!

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