Attack of the Middle School Zombie Killers

Last week, I did a ‘Zombie Survival’ lesson with my 7th and 8th graders. It’s basically a lesson on what the students would do and how they would prepare for a zombie attack. I went over amazingly well, and I’ve never had my students so attentive. If any of you are teachers in Korea, go to and search for the Zombie lesson. It’s incredible.

During one my favorite 7th grade classes, I began the lesson with a little background story. It went a little something like this.

Me: Imagine that you are on your way to school. You notice that things are a little different. The buses are stopped in the middle of the street. The taxis are on the sidewalk. There are no people around. As you walk up the stairs to school, you see one of your friends in the distance. You start to wave, but you notice they are walking really slow, and they look like they are a green color. All of a sudden, you see more of these green, zombie like people coming towards you. You realize that Cheongdeok has been taken over by ZOMBIES!!!

*Here’s where most of the kids go AHHHH or something similar*

“You run up to the English hall and into the classroom with the rest of your classmates. You realize that you are the only survivors in the school. Everyone is a zombie! Your friends are zombies! The teachers are zombies! The …..”

Students: *pretty much yelling all at once*…..WHAT!! THE TEACHERS ARE ZOMBIES?! AHH OMG AAHHH!

Me: Yeah! *not realizing where this is going* Everyone is a zombie except everyone in this class. What will we do to….

Student 1: *interrupting me* SHERYLL TEACHA! If the teachers are zombies, does that mean we can kill them?!

All of the students: AHHH WE CAN KILL THE TEACHERS! I WILL USE A SHOTGUN! KNIFE!!! I WILL USE A NUCLEAR! (note, not a nuclear weapon, just a nuclear.)

Me: *Realizing my horrible mistake* NO NO NO! Actually, I was wrong, the teachers are immune from the zombie virus! The teachers are here to help us survive!

Student 2: Okay. I understand. The teachers are not zombies. Except the science teacher. He is the only zombie. I will use a gun to kill him.

Me: O.O

Remind me to not get on that kid’s bad side!

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