The Best Pizza in Seoul: The Pizza Peel in Itaewon

So, if you live in Korea, if you are planning on visiting Korea, or even if you are just curious, you should know that pizza in Korea is pretty much a hot ass mess.


Well for one, Korean pizza features such lovely toppings like ribs (WITH BONES!), chicken (AGAIN, like…a whole fucking chicken, bones and all), potatoes, corn, honey mustard, and sometimes even PASTA. Also, the sauce tastes sort of sweet to me, almost more like ketchup than tomato sauce.

As I mentioned, most of the toppings are just really, really bizarre and totally unnecessary. I even ordered a regular cheese pizza from my local pizza restaurant, and it still had corn on it. WHY OH WHY?!

Also, the cheese on typical Korean pizzas is some sort of heavily processed cheese wanna be, that congeals very fast and sort of tastes rubbery. Not my thing. Of course, this *is* Korea, and I’m not expecting anyone to be master pizza chef or to heavily use real cheese. It’s just not part of a typical Korean diet.

So what’s a girl to do when she really wants a Western style, thin crust, pepperoni and sausage pizza without a bowl of pasta or a rack of ribs on top?

I did a quick Google search and found a number of places in Seoul that boasted “BEST PIZZA!”, but one in particular stood out.

The Pizza Peel in Itaewon.

Review after review showed that The Pizza Peel basically shut down any other pizza place in Seoul. I just knew I had to try it. So one Sunday, Johnny and I made the trek to Itaewon to try it out.

The Pizza Peel is a very small restaurant, but one of the first things I noticed was the huge brick oven. Now we’re talkin’!  I already was expecting great things.

One look at the menu let me know that I was in pizza heaven. Not a corn topping in sight!

Proscuitto, feta, Italian sausage, gorgonzola?!?!?!? UM YES. It was so hard to decide what pizza to get, but in the end we decided to get the supreme pizza.

UM HELLO! Pizzafuckingheaven. Real cheese, lots of pepperoni, crunchy, thin crust, bell peppers…*sigh*

I wanted to cry. It looked delicious. It smelled delicious. It tasted like the best pizza ever, especially after buying a few Korean style pizzas and being highly disappointed.

AND!! They serve craft beers. Tired of Cass and Hite?! Well,  The Pizza Peel is here for you.

So, now I bet you are wondering how to get to this amazing, heaven like restaurant.

Go to Itaewon and take Exit 4. Walk straight for about 5 to 7 minutes, past the McDonalds. Once you pass the McDonalds, start looking to your left for an arch and sign that says “Alley Market”. Turn left into the Alley Market, and you will see The Pizza Peel a few feet down.

Now, if you get that crazy pizza craving, you know exactly where to go!

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