5 months down, 7 more to go

I’ve been in Korea just over 5 months now. Time is FLYING.

I was sadly one of the people who didn’t really do much this summer. Instead, I stayed in my apartment underneath the air conditioner as much as possible. Now that the weather’s been so nice, I’ve been venturing outside more to take photos and actually…do things. I’ve been taking long walks around Bundang Central Park and Johnny’s neighborhood, having sangria and empanadas on the patio of my new favorite cafe, dining in Itaewon, watching free concerts in the park, and just enjoying the weather before winter comes and I REALLY don’t go outside.

This weekend, I’m going to an MMA fight in Wonju and I am BEYOND excited. I’ve never been to a live MMA event before, and I’ve never really traveled around Korea outside of Seoul, Bundang and Yongin, so it’ll be a nice change of scenery.

What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun? Let me know in the comments!

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