Seoul Subway Challenge: Line 8

A few months ago, a few of the travel bloggers got together for lunch in Hongdae. It was there that a brilliant idea was spawned, and the Seoul Subway Challenge was born.

Each blogger participating in the challenge was given a Seoul subway line, and we were left to our own devices to explore, take photos, and share our findings with all of you.

I was assigned line 8, the short pink line all the way to the East of Seoul. At first glance, line 8 might not seem too happening, but there’s actually tons of cool things to explore!

I did some research on the stops, and one of the interesting ones is Cheonho. Cheonho means “thousands of houses”, because according to Feng shui, Cheonho is in the perfect location geographically to live in Seoul. It’s also home to the historical landmark Pungnaptoseong, which is a flat, earthen wall that runs along the Han river and dates back to the Baekje era.

Seokchon is home to Seokchon lake, and is a pretty residential area. Not too much going on around here, but it’s really nice to see all of the different neighborhoods, especially since mine is so small.

Amsa is at the North end of line 8 in Seoul (The other end is Moran, in Seongnam). By the time I made it there, it was already pretty late, and I sadly missed getting to see the Amsa Prehistoric Settlement Site. I was so sad! The Amsa Prehistoric Settlement Site is a replica of the settlement that was established in this area during the Neolithic period. During a big flood in 1925, the grounds washed away and revealed a large number of earthware, pottery, and all sorts of cool stuff. The site was excavated and is now the Prehistoric Settlement Site that is there today. Who knew?!

Jamsil. OHH JAMSIL. Jamsil is the 2nd busiest subway stop in Seoul, the first being Gangnam. It might be one of the biggest because it seemed ENDLESS. When I went, I got a bit distracted and did some shopping (oops), and went to Taco Bell (YES). Lotte World is connected to the inside of the station, as well as the huge Lotte department store. And there’s a random replica of the Trevi Fountain.

The Garak Market stop was my last place to explore on line 8. It is home to the large Garak Fish Market. I am a weirdo and cannot stand the smell of fresh fish (it really makes me gag and want to die), so I knew there was no way I could step into a giant fish market. I’m missing out on a lot in life, I know.

I’m so grateful I got to participate in the Seoul Subway Challenge. Since I don’t live in Seoul, whenever I do go, I usually go to one of 3 places: Gangnam, Hongdae or Itaewon. I now know that there’s a Taco Bell WAY closer to me than going to Itaewon or Hongdae, and that line 8 is full of awesome historical sites and shopping malls. AND LOTTE WORLD! (which I’m hoping to go to over Chuseok!)

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And a big special THANK YOU to Waegook Tom for putting this all together!
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