What the Hell are Korean Paper Face Masks?

If you’ve ever shopped at a Korean cosmetic store, or down the streets in Myeongdong, you have inevitably been handed a Korean paper face mask. They are everywhere.

I’ve gotten so many I actually had to buy a basket to keep them all in. I don’t know if that’s awesome or really sad. I’ll admit, the idea of putting a weird paper mask covered in a lotion type substance sort of freaked me out. Will this thing really fit over my eyes? Why is the mouth hole so little? Do they actually work?

So what do Korean paper face masks actually do? Some claim to moisturize, some claim to shrink pores, get rid of problem skin, help fight wrinkles, brighten and tighten. Do they actually work? Well..sort of.

According to my co–teachers, you are supposed to use a paper mask between 5 to 7 days a week. I usually use them 1 to 2 times a week. They all claim that the masks are miracle workers and it keeps their skin looking fresh (and they all have great skin). So maybe I’m just not using them enough to see results. But they do feel really nice! And after a long day, I put on a mask and I feel really relaxed. That has to count for something right?

According to this article, Korean paper face masks are now being sold at Sephora in America. They’re being marketed as an on to go facial treatment for busy, working women who don’t have time or money to get a facial. Apparently Korean face masks are the equivalent to a facial! Who knew?!

So, for those of you that may not be familiar, I decided to show you exactly what a paper mask looks like. Warning: you are about to see the most flattering, amazing, breathtaking pictures of me that have ever been taken. You’ve been warned.

Fresh out of the shower. I’m going to use one of my favorites, the SkinFood Peach Sake Pore Mask. I have no idea if it shrinks my pores, but I like the way my skin fees afterwards, and it smells really nice.

What a paper mask looks like. Creepy as shit, I know. It’s normally made of cotton, or some sort of cotton blend, and completely saturated in face glowing goodness. And don’t be afraid if the eye holes and the lip hole looks a little too small. A gentle tear will open up the holes. Stretch the mask taut and smooth over your face. And yes, once you put one on, you will be transformed into a goddess from another world.

See! GORGEOUS! I don’t look like a crazy serial killer AT ALL. After you put the mask on, if you have friends or a significant other, don’t let them see you. They may fall off of your bed from laughing at you. Not that this happened to me or anything *cough cough*

Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes. I normally wash my dishes, paint my nails, or just watch an episode of Golden Girls in the meantime. After you take off the mask, your face will have all of the liquid from the mask still on it, so rub it in and let it glow! It’s best to do a mask after a shower, when your face has been cleaned and after your toner.

People in Korea, have you used a paper face mask? For those living outside of Korea, would you ever use one? I think my next challenge is to use them 5 days a week and see if I have any results. I have SO many of them, it can’t hurt right?

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