Fall Beauty Buys

There was a time I said I wasn’t going to buy any cosmetics/makeup/skincare stuff for a while.

Then Nature Republic had a sale.

Then Etude House had a sale.

Then…I just wandered into Innisfree.

I learned to never limit myself when it comes to cosmetics here. It’s just not going to happen.

First things first, I bought some nail polish. All of the polish I had before was just way to bright and summery for Fall. The grey color from Innisfree is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I want to wear it all the time. Grey is my favorite color (other than pink….and black), so it was a pretty obvious  choice. I got the red for my toes. The next 4 polishes are all from Etude House, where I got them 30% off. HOORAY SALES!

So the Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream (longest name in the history of forever) from Nature Republic is incredible. I was looking for a thicker moisturizer for the fall/winter months, and I think this is definitely a winner. I have classic combo skin, oily nose and chin, dry forehead, and it does a really good job at moisturizing but not making me look like I rubbed olive oil all over my face. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see dozens of people saying the same thing. It was also the highest rated moisturizer in Allure Korea Magazine. I really don’t think my skin has ever looked better. It’s fast drying, really moisturizing, and the texture is just perfect. I feel like my face is glowing after I use it.

The Etude House Belle Dress Rich Body Cream was just something I picked up at Etude during their sale. I needed a thicker lotion/body cream for the winter months, and I liked the texture of this one. It has a really light, pretty smell. I mix it with my organic coconut oil for optimum moisture.

And now, the Innisfree Jeju Mineral Base. Again, my awesome friend Rae told me about this product, and I ran out and got it the next day. I AM OBSESSED. I’ve recently started favoring a more dewy, natural face over one that is completely matte, and this base does the trick. It makes my skin look so dewy and fresh, and helps my makeup stay on longer. It’s a base, so I normally apply it before I put my makeup (tinted moisturizer) on.  I sometimes mix a tiny bit with my tinted moisturizer to make it “pop”. Since I’ve been using this, I’ve noticed that my skin definitely looks more even and vibrant. I can’t recommend it enough.

More products from the Etude House sale. The nude lipstick is a great color, although the lip liner is too light. I’ll need to hit up a Mac counter for the real deal. I just picked up the glosses because they have pretty packaging (and they were on sale). It’s your fairly standard gloss. They taste good, they aren’t sticky, and they are great for layering over lipsticks since they aren’t too pigmented (at least on my skin). I like them for school since I don’t want to look like a “sexy teacher”. My last purchase was another tube of the Lash Perm Volume Mascara. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before on the blog. I’ve only used this mascara here and I LOVE it. I like it so much I haven’t even tried anything else. I need to step out of the box!

Next up, CLOTHES. I have absolutely no clothes for this cold weather, and I need to remedy that. Has anyone shopped at 8 Seconds? I heard it’s the Korean version of H&M/Zara, so I’m very intrigued!

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