Posts Written On November 2012

“I am thankful for my fucking face” (…and things I am thankful for too)

This week, I am doing a lesson on Thanksgiving. I’ve found that most of the students don’t know anything about the holiday other than “AMERICANS EAT TURKEY”, so I wanted to give them a little more history behind it. I explained the Pilgrims and Native Americans, other dishes Americans may eat for Thanksgiving, explained that it’s a day of thanks, Black Friday, Football, Macy’s Day Parade, yada yada. For a lesson I thought would be a bore to them, they’ve all loved it so far.

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Ramblings from a girl who wishes McDonald’s would deliver to her but she lives in the boonies

Further proof that I live in the middle of nowhere: McDonald’s won’t deliver to me. Even though there is a new one near Dankook University. They just don’t understand where I live. No one understands. I called the Korean tourism hotline for information about a bus route near my apartment, and she swore up and down that Cheongdeok doesn’t exist. Even though I live and teach here. Story of my life.

Why am I even talking about how I want to eat McDonald’s anyway? What is it about McDonald’s in Korea that is completely irresistible? Winter is turning me into a hibernating bear that only wants to eat chocolate and burgers all day. And I’ve still somehow managed to lose 6 pounds. Not sure how that’s possible…. As I sit on my couch, drinking a beer and eating leftover Pepero from Pepero Day.

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October Lovin’

The past few weeks have been insanity for me! I’ve been crazy busy with work, helping plan for our school festival and working on lesson plans, plus working on my online classes. I’ve also been really busy trying to stay outside of my apartment before winter really hits. I know once it gets really cold my ass won’t be going anywhere. I’ve been going on hikes/walks around Johnny’s neighborhood, visiting tons of cafes and new restaurants, watching my students play soccer games after school, and taking in the gorgeous fall colors and scenery.

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