October Lovin’

The past few weeks have been insanity for me! I’ve been crazy busy with work, helping plan for our school festival and working on lesson plans, plus working on my online classes. I’ve also been really busy trying to stay outside of my apartment before winter really hits. I know once it gets really cold my ass won’t be going anywhere. I’ve been going on hikes/walks around Johnny’s neighborhood, visiting tons of cafes and new restaurants, watching my students play soccer games after school, and taking in the gorgeous fall colors and scenery.

As I said earlier, my school festival was last week, and it was TONS of fun. The first day was sports day. Each class dressed up in costumes or matching outfits and competed in various outdoor activities. Moms came and provided snacks and hot food for all the students to purchase. I’ve never seen them so excited!

On the second day, the whole school was transformed into one giant marketplace. Each class was in charge of creating and managing their own business. Most classes had cafes where they served coffee, tea, waffles, pancakes, and other sweets. But some classes went above and beyond and created nightclubs, complete with DJs, bartenders and strobe lights, PC bangs, nail and hair salons, Korean BBQ restaurants… the works. My students are so incredibly talented and creative! I’m currently working on editing a video to show to them…and to you!

If you live in Bundang/Yongin, please make your way to Pizzeria Da MOON in Jukjeon cafe street. I’ve been about 6 times in the past 3 weeks. I’m obsessed.


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