2012: A Photo Essay


2013 is almost here! I started the year in Paris, and I’m ending it in Seoul. I wanted to share with you some never before seen photos from my travels this year. Featured will be Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Madeira, the US, China and Korea. I hope you enjoy! Here’s to 2013, and many more years of travel!

iceskatingchristmas stress! sheryllworkoutsnow snowangelsjohnny firstsnow sheryllbirthday viewofitaewon mmawonju bwgreatwall littlegirlgreatwallgreatwallofchina1 pandahatgreatwall greatwallofchina forbiddencity jumpinginbeijing china donghyunkim vintagecokeadseoul palace
flyinghigh trampoline childrensgrandpark coupleseatinghongdae crowdsofhongdae goingtoseoul littlepaulsbbq publixsweettea innout airplaneinthesky madeirasunrise rainbowmadeira marketmadeira couplemadeira madeirastreets doorsmadeira madeiraview mountainsmadeira viewinmadeira housesmadeira cristoreimadeira lisbonstreets lisbon2lisboncity imaginaryfriends laundrylisbon lisbon absintheglass johnnyfirstabsinthe gaudipark2 gaudi lizardbarcelona showersbarcelona grafittibarcelona floatingmanbarcelona candyinvenice feedingthebirds veniceatnight sheryllinvenice venicestreets sheryllvenice parisapartments frenchfood cityhallparis footstepsversailles

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