Let it Snow

If you live in Korea, or if you don’t, but follow me on Instagram or read my tweets, you’ll know that it has been snowing all week in Korea. An insane amount of snow. More snow than I have ever seen in my whole life. My students have lost their minds and are barely paying attention in class, running outside after their final exams to throw snowballs at each other, to make snow angels and snowmen.

And yes, as a Southern California native, the snow was amazing at first. Crisp, blindingly white, soft. My whole neighborhood turned into a monochromatic winter wonderland. Johnny and I played in the snow after work a few days ago and failed at an attempt to make a snowman (he did make an awesome snow angel). We couldn’t stop talking about how it all looked fake, like someone at Disney World took some of the foam snow stuff they put on the trees there and sprayed it everywhere.

But, it must also be known that snow is a HOT ASS MESS.

Being completely and utterly naive as to how snow works, I thought that once it snowed, it just…melted away. I thought I’d wake up this morning and everything would be back to normal. I didn’t realize it just STAYS there.

And from what I understand, up North (in the US), and in places it snows a lot, there’s salt trucks and stuff out immediately, clearing the roads and making them safe to walk/drive.

Yeah….not so much here. Or at least in my little neighborhood.

Snow is coming up to my ankles in some areas. The roads are so icy, I saw two cars slide across the intersection this morning. I almost died at least 12 times walking to school today. My coteachers said it took them 5 hours to get home Wednesday night, after they abandoned their cars and walked home.

Yes, the scenery is gorgeous. The sound of my shoes in the snow is awesome. I love the way it feels. I love how it glitters in the sunlight. I like to LOOK at it. That’s about it. This shit is a mess and I’m already over it. BRING BACK SPRING!

Johnny and I are already planning an amazing sleepover weekend. He’s staying at my place and we’re going to watch movies, read, play games, eat, and watch the UFC and¬†Pacquiao fights Sunday afternoon. It’s just too cold and snowy to do anything else! Not to mention the roads are so bad in my area, buses are barely running, and the closest subway stop is a 20 minute bus ride away.

Thank goodness for tea, hot chocolate, my Kindle, and the super fast internet that allows me to watch as much TV as I want. Now, if only I could fast forward through Winter, that’d be nice.

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