So, I wanted to wait a little bit to announce the sad news (although if you follow me on Facebook, you already know).

GEPIK or the Gyeonggi English Program in Korea has decided to cut funding for 98% of middle and high schools in the Gyeonggi province.

Guess whose school that includes?


Yup. I don’t have a job after April 5th.

When I found out the news, it was like I had been punched in the gut. I was already planning on being at my school next year. My students love me. I adore my students. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, I really like my apartment. I’m pretty devastated. Luckily, Johnny was spared from being cut because he works at an elementary school. He’s already signed his renewal papers.

Of course, now the competition to get a job at an elementary school, or the rare middle/high school with funding is stiff. And this isn’t the only problem. About 80% of the jobs start on March 1st. My contract isn’t over until April. Slim pickings all around.

I emailed my recruiter the second I found out I wasn’t going to be able to renew my contract. She’s working really hard to find jobs that are hiring for April, so not all hope is lost. Of course, there’s always the hagwon route, but that’s my LAST LAST LAST LAST LAST option. I’m not trying to lose all my vacation days! Psh! And I’m really trying to not work until 10 at night. NO MA’AM. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

In other news, I’ve turned into a freaking hermit. It’s so cold here. So so so so cold. My apartment has turned into my best friend. That, and my awesome space heater. BFFs. Last week, I had to desk warm, and this week I’ve been teaching my Harry Potter English Camp, which has been a ton of fun. Next week is desk warming again, then I’m on a staycation for 2 weeks. I’m not leaving Korea, as I spent all of my money on a new computer after my dear, beloved, BBmac finally passed on to glory. My bright, fast, and shiny new Macbook is totally worth it though. No more waiting roughly 10 minutes for Powerpoint to open!!


During my staycation, I plan on eating a lot, taking tons of pictures, and finally seeing all the stuff in Seoul I haven’t had a chance to see. You know I’ve never been to Insadong? Or Ewha? GASP. SHOCK. HORROR. And I want to see the new IFC mall. And the rest of the time I’ll probably be in cafes reading.

I’m also working on a winter beauty product review. You know, I haven’t had dry skin all winter? Or chapped lips? I AM A MIRACLE!

So, what have you been up to this winter? Anyone want to make me jealous with stories of warm weather in SE Asia? (actually…don’t. I’ll just be sad)


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