The Best Indian Food (or really, any type of food) that I’ve had in Korea

I’m BACK!!

Last week, Johnny and I took the rest of our vacation days and spent a long 5 day weekend exploring Seoul. We pretty much did everything we’ve wanted to do since we got here almost a year ago, but just haven’t had the time. Trekking back and forth to Seoul everyday was a bit annoying at first, but SO worth it for all of the awesome things we did and delicious food we ate.

On Wednesday, Johnny and I went to the Tim Burton exhibit in Seoul. It was really, really interesting and inspiring. If you live anywhere near Seoul and haven’t seen it yet, go! It ends in April, so there’s not much time left.

After the exhibit, we were starving. The museum is at City Hall station, so I was searching for food near Hongdae/Sinchon/Hapjeong. After a few unsuccessful searches, I googled “best restaurants Sinchon”, and Jyoti came up in the results.

Jyoti Restaurant is an Indian and Nepali restaurant that is actually the #1 reviewed restaurant on Seoul trip advisor. I LOVE Indian food so I definitely couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go to one of the best reviewed restaurants in Seoul. We got on the train, and in about 15 minutes, we were in FOOD HEAVEN.


jyoti3The decor was cozy and inviting, with soft Indian music playing in the background. Jyoti also sells tea, spices, and other various Indian and Nepali food items if you’d like to try your hand at cooking at home.

Their menu is extremely affordable. I feel like most foreign food in Korea is one of 2 things: great and expensive, or cheap and terrible. Luckily, Jyoti is fantastic and extremely affordable.

jyotimenuIn addition, the portions are a great size. You can get multiple items and share them all, Korean style. Johnny and I opted to get the “Special Couple Set”, which included 2 samosas (we ordered 2 extra because they were so great), a whole tandoori chicken, your choice of curry (we had the chicken curry), rice, 2 orders of naan (we got garlic and butter), soup, and 2 drinks, which included wine, lassi or a soft drink. It was a total of a whopping 38,000W for 2 people, drinks (WINE!!!!) included. I feel like that’s unheard of in most of the foreign restaurants here. And it was a LOT of food.

naanThe food was astonishingly good. It was fresh and flavorful. Johnny and I spent a lot of moments not even talking to each other, just relishing in how delicious everything was. We flitted between the plates like little hummingbirds, wanting a taste of everything all at once. I was actually sad when the meal was over. By the time we left, the restaurant was full of Indian customers; a tell-tale sign that the food is legitimately good.

The service was impeccable. I feel like most places here just slap a menu on the table, get your order, and that’s about the extent of the work they do. But at Jyoti, the service was attentive without being overbearing. Our water glasses were refilled without having to ask, all of the food was hot and fresh, and we were even given free tea after our meal. It was the perfect meal in every way.

The combination of fabulous food, affordable prices and great service is why I think that Jyoti is one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in Seoul.  Go to Jyoti. You won’t be disappointed. I’m already planning my next meal there!

To find Jyoti (31-4 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea)

Go to Sinchon Station (line 2, green line)
Go out of Exit 5 and make your first right. You’ll see the sign for Jyoti on the first big building to your right. It’s on the 3rd floor. It is literally less than a minute outside of the station.

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