A Trip to Mt. Namsan and N. Seoul Tower

I’ve been in Korea almost a year and I’ve never been to the N. Seoul Tower, better known as Namsan Tower. How did I even let this happen? It’s probably Seoul’s #2 attraction! Well, better late than never, right?

Living in Yongin has it’s perks, but being so far away from Seoul really sucks sometimes. None the less, Johnny and I bundled up and ventured out to Seoul for the great views and to leave our mark in Seoul via a love lock. I always love seeing cities from above, and Seoul is no different. Many people say Seoul’s skyline is a little boring: just rows and blocks of white concrete apartment towers, but I find it captivating.


lovelock lovestatue seoulfromuphigh couplefindingperfectspot

seoulatnight2 seoultower2 hanriverview2 seoultower1 viewandlocks

seoulatnight hazyday millionsoflovelocks hanriver coupleandaview seoul1 seoultowercenter nighttimestairs sheryllandjohnnylovelock twerksomething

Side note: Johnny and I made up this really random dance/song called “Twerk Somethin'”, so that’s what we wrote on our lock. We’re basically willing our song into the universe slash we are amazing.


General Info:

It costs 9,000W per person to go to the observatory at the top of N. Seoul Tower. Worth it!
You can bring your own love lock, or you can purchase one from the gift shop. We got ours from the gift shop. It was 11,000W for 2 locks.
There are a few restaurants, including a place called The Best Burger in Seoul, and a French restaurant at the very top of the tower, but we obviously didn’t try anything.
There are multiple ways to get to N. Seoul Tower, (you can see here), but Johnny and I decided to take the cable cars. I’m a sucker for cable cars.

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