I’m Obsessed with Korean Cosmetics: The Spring Haul – Part 2

Soooo let’s just dig in to part 2 of my spring skincare/makeup haul, shall we? innisfreelipcheektintThe Innisfree Vivid Color Cheek and Lip Tint is WONDERFUL…for my cheeks. My lips are not really feeling it. I got it in a bright orange color which is just perfect for spring (it looks a tad bit more red in the picture, but I promise it’s orange). I’ve been wearing it on my cheeks almost daily since I’ve gotten it, and my co-teachers have all commented on how nice my makeup looks. I’ve found that putting it on my lips is a bit drying, even after liberally applying lip balm. It doesn’t really go on smooth either. I’ll stick to the stick and wand tints for my lips for now.

nowomanlikeshavingporesFaith in Face Pore Tighening Mask: A while back, I did a post about Korean face masks and how much I love them, despite looking like a crazy person when I wear them. I saw the Faith in Face brand in Olive Young, and just couldn’t resist buying a mask, based on the packaging alone. Packaging is so important to me. It’s part of the reason why SkinFood stresses me out sometimes. Why do they still use Comic Sans as their font?!?!?! The world many never know. Anyways, besides the cute packaging that promises to give me crystal clear skin, I’ve fallen in looooove with these face masks. They are hydrogel face masks, which somehow seem to work so much better for me than the cotton ones. I just love the way they feel, and you can see the results almost immediately. The brightening one is another one of my favorites. It made my skin glow. I also love the moisturizing one too. Basically I’ve tried and loved them all. If you find yourself near an Olive Young, they are in the section with all of the face masks.

normadermtotalmatVichy Normaderm Total Mat Moisturizer: Now, I know that this isn’t a Korean product, but I got it from a Korean store (Olive Young), so it almost counts. One of my favorite things about Olive Young is that they have a fairly large section of French cosmetics, stuff I’d never, ever be able to find in the States, including the Bioderm Sensibio H2O makeup remover…holy grail product! I’ve been on the hunt for a lightweight daytime moisturizer now that it’s getting warmer. By this time in the next few months, makeup will barely be an option as the humidity in Korea is so high. BUT. I have found something that may help all of us. I’ve been using this moisturizer consistently for 2 weeks and I am in LOVE with the results. For a little background, the Total Mat moisturizer is a paraben-free, anti-shine and ANTI-HUMIDITY moisturizer. Let me repeat that for you, ANTI-HUMIDITY! It’s infused with some stuff that mimics the effects of blotting paper (a must have for summer), and it contains something called Perlite which can absorb 3x it’s weight in water. The end result is clear, less shiny skin, and no makeup running down your face because it’s 100% humidity outside. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed that my makeup stays on much longer, and my face definitely isn’t as shiny as it used to be at the end of the day. The real test will come in a few months, but based on what I’ve noticed so far and read from a couple of other reviews, I think we have a winner!

revedemiel2NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Balm: Again, not a Korean product, but it’s so good that I had to share! Confession time: Raise your hand if you are a chapstick addict. You know, the type of person who applies chapstick/lip balm at least 20 times a day? That used to be me. Until I learned about how TERRIBLE chapstick is for you and how we’re all addicted to the stuff. I found myself applying chapstick almost constantly. That is, until I found Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm at my local Olive Young. Rêve de Miel is a very rich and thick lip balm that helps repair dry, chapped lips, and for me, helped break my chapstick addiction. I can apply it in the morning, and I won’t even need to put on anymore until late afternoon/evening. It’s an amazing product. It is absolutely perfect under lipstick, as it doesn’t leave you with any glossiness or shine, and it makes your lips extra soft. I read about it being a holy grail product on my favorite beauty site, Into the Gloss, and I couldn’t agree more.

cliogelspressoeyelinerClio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Clio eyeliners are THE ABSOLUTE BEST. EVER. OF ALL TIME. I use the black liquid eyeliner pen and I constantly get asked how I get my liner so perfect. It’s Clio! Every single liner I’ve tried by Clio has wonderful pigmentation, and it does not budge. I’ve been to Mudfest, Caribbean Bay, dealt with rain, humidity, snow, wind, and it just doesn’t budge. It’s made out of miracles, apparently.

The gelpresso liners go on smooth, and they come in a variety of colors. I have 2, one in a dark, army green color, and the other in a cranberry color. They’re really great for adding that extra pop for color, or for smudging a bit for a sultry smokey eye. If you live in Korea, you can find Clio products at Olive Young.

innisfreestuffInnisfree Olive Real Moisture Hand Cream: My awesome reader Jane recommended this hand cream to me months ago, and I haven’t looked back. It’s thick, but it absorbs into the skin quickly with no residue. One of my biggest hand cream pet peeves is when it feels like my hands just have a weird, oily, mask on them, but this stuff is the real deal! Love love!

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Mask: I finally ran out of my Etude House shea butter sleeping mask, so I decided to try something new. It’s a slightly watery, gel like consistency that is a tad bit overwhelming in the fragrance department. It makes my skin look super fabulous in the morning, but it’s irritating to my eyes (and I’m not even using it around my eyes). I don’t know if it’s the fragrance or what, but it’s a shame since my skin seems to love it!

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Primer: I’m a firm believer in primers. I use them every day. My makeup just doesn’t have the same smoothness and dewiness without one. Plus, once summer really hits, it’s a necessity so your makeup isn’t running down your face. My awesome friend Kelly raved to me the no-sebum mineral primer, and since I live 6 minutes from an Innisfree now, I just had to pop in and get it. And it’s WONDERFUL. It’s full of silicone, so if you’re ‘cone sensitive, stay away. It has such a silky texture, and it makes my makeup look flawless. I’ve also noticed that it makes my makeup color stay on much longer than the primer from the Face Shop. If I had to do a ranking, I’d still say the Etude House primer is my favorite, followed by Innisfree, then The Face Shop.

WHEW! And that’s it (so far). My friend Kelly and I hit up the Mac Pro store and the NARS counter in Apgujeong this weekend, and got some really amazing goodies. I FINALLY got Taj Mahal blush. If you’re dark skinned, you need that blush in your life. Trust me. Stay looking out on my instagram for the rest of my makeup haul!

I’ve received a ton of emails about what products I use in my hair and my hair routine. Is that something you’d be interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments!


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