So I finally got around to taking pictures again

So, I finally picked up my camera and decided to start taking pictures of my life again. I’ve had so much fun editing and choosing which pictures to share. I’m so glad I’m slowly, but surely, starting to feel better. Johnny and I have been taking advantage of the hot, but not super gross weather. The worst of summer is definitely yet to come, and I’m trying to take advantage before I am reduced to standing in front of the air conditioner during all of my free time.

These pictures are from the time Johnny and I went to the Han River and rode bikes, when I went wandering around Seoul trying to find the Bangsan Baking Market (amazing), when we went to Caribbean Bay, and another  random day when Johnny and I went on a hike near my house and then played in some fountains afterwards.
sherylljohnny6 apartuh hiking viewofmyhood sheryllriver1
wetfeet cruisingalongtheriver seoulshops caribbeanbay

firefighter tentshavriver waterrparkfun bikehanriver johnnyhanriver1 johnnyriver riverhan sheryllhanriver1 streamseoul skyscapersseoul johnnyhanriver


Hope you enjoyed the photos! How is everything going in your world? Let me know in the comments!

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