Time for a Review! Missha’s Time Revolution: The First Treatment Essence

Hey everyone! Long time, no see. I’ve been super busy planning my summer vacation, and the countdown has officially begun! Only 7 more weekends and Johnny and I will be on our way to see 2 new countries: Malaysia and Singapore. I’m so excited, I can’t even deal. Going on vacation gives me something to look forward to, and I’ve been on cloud nine since the final tickets and hotels were booked. I can’t wait! I bought an amazing new bathing suit from a store in Dongdaemun, and I’m already starting to put together travel outfits in my head. Seriously, travel is a life changer. If any of you have any tips/must see/must eat suggestions for either country, please let me know in the comments.

So about 2 months ago, one of my awesome and amazing readers told me about my now holy grail product. I call it my miracle water, made out of angel tears. It’s changed my whole life (AND my skin)! Without further ado, let’s get into a review of the Missha Time Revolution: The First Treatment Essence.


So, first things first, what exactly is the Missha Time Revolution: The First Treatment Essence? It’s an essence, but not in the typical serum-y type essence. It has the consistency of a toner. What makes it different than a “regular” toner is that this essence is meant to be moisturizing, instead of an astrigent. Are you looking for a product that will give you even, glowing, radiant skin? Well, this is the shit for you.

The Missha First Treatment Essence is a dupe for the highly popular and highly expensive SKII Facial Treatment Essence. The SKII version runs about $155US for 5oz. Insanity. I bought both the essence and night serum together in a gift set at my local Missha store for roughly $68US dollars. If I had waited a few days until the Missha day sales (always on the 10th of the month), I would’ve gotten both for even cheaper. A GREAT deal, in my opinion.

Both the SKII Facial Treatment Essence and the Missha First Treatment essence are made from a type of active fermented yeast. The one used in the SK product, called Pietra, is made from the extracts of the sake fermenting process and is patented. No one knows the exact formula. The Missha product uses a beer fermentation by-product called Fissione, and it’s from the same family, although not the exact same as the Pietra formula. It has been said that the Missha product actually contains better ingredients than the SKII formula, and it’s also paraben and mineral oil free.

What is this magical fermented yeast product supposed to do? Well, according to Missha, it controls the turnover period of the skin, giving you tighter, firmer, less oily, glowing, and clear skin. And I can tell you that it has definitely done all of those things, plus some.

Now, before you ask, yes…this product is touted as a “whitening” product. Rest assured, I have not started, nor will I EVER lighten or bleach my skin. What I’ve actually experienced is that my skin has started to GLOW. Like, glow from within. My skin tone is even and my dark spots have faded. I’ve been using it every day and night for the past 2 months and I assure you I am the same exact color that I was before I started. Allow me to use a quote by Fanny Bourdette-Donon, who works in international PR for Dior Perfumes, to explain exactly what I mean by this whole “glow” thing:

“…I used to be so against whitening products. In Africa, all of these women were killing their skin trying to become whiter, and I hated that. But when I had to work on the press kits at Dior for Diorsnow D-NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate, I had to test it to know what I was going to talk about. I became obsessed. Yes, it’s a whitening product but it’s not about being whiter or changing the color of your skin; it just brings light to your face. I’ve never experienced that before in my life. My face literally changed. I had discoloration before, where my cheeks were darker than my forehead, and since I’ve been using this, everything has evened out. Honestly, all of these little dark spots went away.” Fanny Bourdette-Donon, for Into the Gloss

(ps if you aren’t reading Into the Gloss, what are you doing with your life?! Best beauty blog EVER)

Back to what I was saying…I, like Fanny (even though she used some crazy expensive Dior stuff), have experienced this whole “bringing light to your face” phenomenon using the Missha First Treatment Essence. I, again, have not, in any way, experienced any lightening of my skin.


So, exactly how are you supposed to use the Missha First Treatment essence? It is advised that you apply the essence IMMEDIATELY after you finish washing your face. And by immediately, I mean like 5 seconds after. There’s a Korean theory that states your face is most ready to receive all of the benefits from your essences and serums 5 seconds after you finish washing your face, while your pores are still open. Of course, I never count, but I do try to apply it immediately as possible. They also suggest to use a cotton pad, but I always feel like cotton pads waste too much product, so I pour a bit into the palms of my hands and apply it directly to my face. It absorbs immediately, and doesn’t leave the skin sticky or tacky.

I think that this product would be suitable for all skin types. I personally have combination skin that changes from month to month. I’m currently experiencing a dry forehead with an oily nose and chin. It’s definitely helped calm down the oily parts, and has helped moisturize the dry areas. I didn’t experience any breakouts, and the difference in my skin was noticeable in about a week.

Where to purchase: Ebay user rubyruby76 for $31.78, Amazon.com for $32.30

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