Beauty Review: Dr. Jart Pore Medic Peeling Gel

This review has been a long time coming! I bought the Dr. Jart Pore Medic Peeling Gel from my local Olive Young over the summer when my skin was going through the struggle. It was SO terrible. I stopped using my more harsh exfoliators, such as my beloved SkinFood Black Sugar Scrub, and my Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliant, and wanted to use something a bit more gentle. After a bit of research and a consultation with my good friend Google, I decided to try out the Dr. Jart Pore Medic Peeling Gel.


So just what is a peeling gel? Basically, a peeling gel is an exfoliator that literally lifts and rolls dead skin off of your face. It sounds gross, but there is definitely something strangely exciting about seeing all of your dead skin peel off of your face. Peeling gels are typically for people with sensitive skin, or for people who don’t want to harm their skin with abrasive scrubs. Like most exfoliators and scrubs, peeling gels should only be used once to twice a week, to avoid excessive dry skin and redness.

The Dr. Jart Peeling Gel contains natural cellulose and apricot extract to gently exfoliate the skin. Celluose is used instead of harsh chemicals, so it’s the perfect peeling gel for those with sensitive and delicate skin. If you are looking for something that packs more punch, this won’t be for you.

The Dr. Jart Peeling Gel is odorless, and has a slightly thick gel texture. Make sure to apply it on dry skin, or you can apply it on damp skin and let it dry. I made the mistake of trying to use it when my skin was damp and I was rubbing my face for an eternity. I was like ummmm this shit does not work. Yup…I was using it wrong.




You work the gel into your skin, and pretty soon, you’ll start seeing all of your dead skin clump together. Horrifying. The first time I used it, I was in awe at just how much dead skin was on my face. Whatever is in this gel is magic. After you’ve sufficiently massaged the gel into your skin and you’re grossed out by your dead skin, rinse off with lukewarm water, and finish the rest of your skincare routine.

As I was rinsing my face, my first reaction was, “OH MY GOD my skin has NEVERRR felt this soft and smooth!” It was like I had brand new skin! First impressions are everything to me, especially when shelling out my cold, hard, cash, so I was extremely impressed from day one. And like the description states, it’s great for people with dry skin as it didn’t leave my skin tight or dry.

After a few weeks of using the Dr. Jart Peeling Gel, I just stopped using it. Not that it isn’t a nice product, but I got a Clarisonic and I just haven’t had the need to use it. To be honest, it wasn’t a miracle worker in any way. It’s one of those products that’s good, but it doesn’t have that WOW factor for me. It also may just be a tad *too* gentle for me, but it does make my skin feel really soft and smooth, and it definitely has a slight brightening effect. If you are allergic to certain fruit extracts, you may want to steer clear as I’ve read a few reviews from people who experienced breakouts using it. It didn’t clear up my skin, but it also didn’t cause me any additional breakouts.

All in all, if you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or just want to try a more gentle exfoliator, the Dr. Jart Peeling Gel would be a great addition to your skincare routine.

What are your favorite exfoliators? Let me know in the comments!

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