A.C. Care Cosmetics – Water Essence Review

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I initially wasn’t going to do a review on this product, mainly because out of all the things I was sent by A.C. Care, the water essence was the least interesting and appealing to me. I just didn’t really understand exactly what exactly it was or what it was supposed to do so I banished it to the back of my bathroom mirror cabinet.

That is until I ran out of my Missha First Treatment Essence and desperately needed a new toner. And by toner, I mean a Korean style toner or essence, one meant to moisturize the skin, rather than an astringent type toner. I use the A.C. care cleanser, and it’s a tad bit drying, so my skin is accustomed to using a moisturizing toner/essence after washing my face.  After searching through my skincare stash, I rediscovered the AC Care Water Essence and decided to try it. I sprayed one pump across my skin and forehead and it was an almost instant relief for my dry skin.


Like the A.C. Care serum I reviewed (and raved about) a couple of weeks ago, the A.C. Care Water Essence is geared towards people with acne or acne prone skin. It comes in a 120ml spray canister. In a Korean skincare routine, you would use this product immediately after washing your face, before applying your serum and emulsion/moisturizer. I’ve also heard of people using it after applying makeup, or using it throughout the day, but I prefer to use it during my normal skincare routine. 

The A.C. Care Water Essence is essentially the A.C. Care serum, but in a spray form. The theory behind the spray is that it provides speedy absorption into the skin, delivering the acne care ingredients faster than the serum. For example, if you’re having a really bad breakout and you’re trying to get rid of it fast, you may want to opt for the spray since it absorbs into the skin faster than the serum. Missha just had a HUGE sale, so I bought my First Treatment Essence again (and I bought another toner from Nature Republic…someone stop me), but I alternate between both toners. I use the A.C. Care Water Essence when my skin feels like it could be getting irritated. When I had a few pimples due to that time of the month (gross), I used the spray and my breakout decreased significantly within 24 hours. Again, Bee venom is one of the main ingredients, so if you’re allergic, you may want to steer clear.

The spray is quite fine mist, and dries quickly, without any stickiness or residue. I still don’t understand how it’s so moisturizing because it really just feels like water. By moisturizing, I don’t mean that you can just spray it and not use a moisturizer, but it definitely helps combat the dryness you may experience after washing your face. I use it during my day and night routine. I always mist my problem areas (chin and forehead), and pat the essence into my skin using my fingers. Be careful to not get it into your eyes, because it does sting like hell (not that I know or anything, cough cough). I’ve heard of some people misting it into their hands and applying it that way, but I feel like the mist is so fine you lose a lot of product. It smells exactly like the A.C. Care serum, which is sort of a very faint sweet medicinal smell.


If you have acne and/or acne prone skin, I feel like the water essence would be a great addition to your skincare routine. It’s not oily at all, so if you have oily skin, it’s perfect. And if you have dry skin, it totally provides moisture. It definitely delivers on its claims to keep your skin clear. Again, I’ve been using the entire A.C. Care line consistently for close to 8 weeks now (I’ve just now switched to more moisturizing products for winter) and I’ve had no major breakouts, besides small hormonal and sugar induced ones. A small miracle! Johnny still can’t get over my great my skin has been looking lately. Yessss!

You can find the A.C. Care Water Essence here.

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