Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream Review

So, let me just go ahead and throw it out there. I am beyond in love with the Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream. Love. Love. Love.

I admit that I had a bit of a falling out with eye creams. I read so many articles about how they aren’t really necessary, but other articles claiming one should never ever ever be without an eye cream. It was just too much info, and I didn’t know which route to take, so I didn’t use anything for a while. After I finished my SkinFood eye cream I reviewed IONS ago, I was just not interested in finding a new one, until I heard about this one from Innisfree.


I actually found out about this eye cream from my really good friend Kelly. She sent me a kakao message telling me that she’d received a sample of the eco science eye cream and that it was fantastic, and even reminded her of one at Kiehl’s she’d been eyeing for a while. As a huge fan of Kiehl’s, I was sold.

The Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream comes in a small, 30mL pump bottle (YAY PUMPS!). I’ll never understand why something like an eye cream is packaged in a tub, but whatever. The Innisfree Eco Science Eye cream claims to be an anti-wrinkle/aging eye cream, made with plants harvested from the waters of Jeju Island.


In a Korean skincare routine, you’d want to apply your eye cream in the following order: cleanser > serum > essence > eye cream. A little bit of this product goes a ridiculously long way. I use one tiny pump for both of my eyes and I always have some left over to apply around my mouth and laugh lines. I read somewhere that you should use your ring finger to apply eye cream, since it’s the least strong, so that’s what I do. You should always lightly pay eye cream on, and never rub.

The Innisfree Eco Science Eye cream has a light gel/cream consistency. It feels very soothing when applied and spreads very smoothly. Be warned it definitely takes a while to be fully absorbed, so I only use this eye cream at night. Once it’s dry, it’s not sticky, but you may think that under your eyes looks a bit shiny. It’s not oily, just an “oh, you look like you use an eye cream” type sheen. I have dry skin, especially around my eyes, and this eye cream provides the perfect level of hydration. By the time I wake up, my eyes look refreshed, like I’ve had a lot of sleep (when in reality I’m getting maybe 6 hours…I need more).


I really love this eye cream because it feels so luxurious without being super heavy. It feels much more expensive than it is (which is about 25,000W). I love the smell, which is a light and fresh scent that instantly reminds me it’s time to go to bed. I don’t have any wrinkles, so I can’t attest to its anti-wrinkle care properties, but I do know that it’s extremely moisturizing and I wake up in the morning with brighter, more nourished skin under my eyes.

Would I buy it again? Hell yes.

Do you use an eye cream? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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