Tokyo: Day One

Tokyo is an amazing city. As soon as we stepped off the train, I knew that I was in love. Johnny and I didn’t even get to see a vast majority of the city, so I need to make plans to visit again before I leave this side of the world. The shopping is to die for, the fashion is amazing, the magazines are the things dreams are made of (which is why I bought 4 of them to bring home with me…), the food is great, the people are friendly, and the nightlife is so vibrant! I feel like you can never, ever get bored in Tokyo. As we walked around, I just kept muttering to myself, “this is so cool…everything is just SO cool!” I can’t wait to go back.

Our first day in Tokyo was a very, very busy one. I think we left our hotel at around 11am and we weren’t back until way past midnight. We went to Ginza, where we went to Sanrio World and bought expensive French chocolate, wandered around the random and cheap dollar (yen) stores, ate sushi at the most adorable conveyor belt restaurant in Shibuya, saw Shibuya Crossing and Shibuya 109 (where I lost my mind…omg it’s the most amazing shopping mall EVER), went to the Daiso store in Harajuku, and hung out in arcades, trying (and failing) to win adorable plush llamas.
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