Hair Cut Magic with the Curl Doctor, Shai Amiel

Besides the food and Sephora, the thing I was excited about the most during my trip to the US was getting a hair cut at Capella Salon by Shai Amiel, more affectionately known as Curl Doctor. One look on his Instagram page was enough for me to make a phone call to his salon first thing in the morning (2 months before my trip!). He’s legitimately a curly hair wizard.

I made the appointment for first thing in the morning the day after I landed in LA. Jet lagged out of my mind, I stumbled into his gorgeous salon in Studio City. Very rarely do I make trips in LA that involve going to the Valley, but this was definitely a special occasion.

before hair cut

As I sat in his chair, we went over the game plan. At that moment, my hair was incredibly uneven, limp, and lacked volume. My ultimate goal was to have layers, get bouncy curls that move, and to get volume at my crown, which is something I could never really accomplish because my hair is so fine. Shai uses the Deva Cut technique, which means he cut my hair, curl by individual curl, while it was dry (CRAZY IMPORTANT!). Every single other time I’ve gotten a hair cut it’s ended up wonky because the stylist either cut it while it was straight, or while it was wet. I never straighten my hair so getting it cut while it’s straight doesn’t make sense, and cutting it while it’s wet doesn’t make sense either because I have tons of shrinkage.

As he took each individual curl and snipped away, he told me about products and methods that would work for my hair type. Ions ago, I was always trying to get my hair to look “perfect”, meaning no frizz, and super defined curls. I’ve realized that’s not the look for me, and I want to get big hair, even if it’s slightly frizzy. For his “hair prescription”, he told me to invest in a hair pick, so I can lift up my roots at the crown, and to make sure to use products without sulfates or silicones. I’d already cut out sulfates, since at that time I was only co-washing, but silicones were a different story.

Silicones are awesome because they make your hair FEEL great, that super silky, super soft feeling that everyone loves. Unfortunately, for a lot of curly haired girls, silicone is awful. It causes awful build-up that weighs your hair down, which is why my top complaint was that my hair didn’t “move”. It would look great for a day or two, then I’d have weird hair and I didn’t feel like dealing with it so I’d wear it in a bun. I really felt like a had cartoon character hair, it just sort of stayed in one place. Gross x 232535. Shea butter is another culprit for me. I had stopped using products with shea butter a few weeks before the trip, because I just found that oils and certain creams are just WAY too heavy for my hair.

Anyway, after cutting my hair, his assistant washed it, conditioned it, and then deep conditioned it. While it was still completely soaking wet, he applied the products, first, a gel, then a styling cream. Apparently, applying products while your hair completely soaking wet is key. I’d always wring mine out or let it dry a little bit first before doing anything to it. After the products were applied, the assistant diffused my hair dry. And what I saw next was nothing short of a miracle. My curls were bouncy, soft, and extremely defined. There was virtually no frizz, yet my hair had volume and shape. He didn’t cut much off, but it made an entire world of difference. It really and truly felt, and still feels like I have new hair….like my old hair was removed and I got a new hair replacement. Insanity.

sheryll after 2

The second day was even better! I wore my hair in a pineapple bun that night, and when I took it out the next morning, I just shook it out and BAM! It was done! I didn’t even have to reapply product like I normally do. I can wait until the day before I wash it (normally every  1.5 weeks) to throw it in a bun, instead of like the 3rd or 4th day.

2nd day hair

Per his recommendation, I bought the DevaCurl No Poo Shampoo, and DevaCurl One Condition Conditioner, along with the DevaCurl Arc AnGEL Light Hair Gel. They’ve all 3 been working wonderfully for me so far. I especially love the hair gel, because it instantly dissolves when it touches water, but it forms sort of a cast/shell over your curls. Once it’s dry, you can scrunch your hair and it’s unbelievably defined, soft, and bouncy. I swore I’d never use gel in my hair, but I’m a fan.

sheryll today

Since DevaCurl is hella expensive, I wanted to try and find something I could stock up on, since I won’t be in the US for a while. At Target, I found the brand Curls, which I had used very briefly when I lived in LA. Curls is paraben, sulfate and silicone free, perfect for my fine curls. I purchased the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, the Coconut Sublime Conditioner, the Quenched Curls Curl Moisturizing Spray, the Blueberry Bliss Control Paste, and the Créme Brule Curl Cream, and the Cashmere Curl Jelly. Yes, it’s a lot. But no one in Korea sells it, and I just gotta bring everything.


Anyway, my hair is incredible and my new products are awesome. I finally, FINALLY have the hair that I love!

(ps this post was in no way sponsored nor does it feature any affiliate links, I just wanted to share how amazing my hair is now lol!)

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