My Long-Haul Flight Beauty Routine


Before I moved to Korea, I definitely wasn’t a skincare junkie I am today. I relied on makeup to help with my skin problems, and never even thought about using a beauty routine during flights. I always remember taking flights and coming off of the plane looking like I’ve been drinking for 48 hours straight. You know, bloodshot eyes, dull skin, thirsty as fuck. I have now seen the light. Not only is having a long-haul flight beauty routine a good idea, I feel like it’s a necessity!

A good humidity level indoors during the winter is anywhere between 30% to 40%. During the summer, anything below 50% is good. The humidity levels in airplane cabins? It can be anywhere from 15% to a pretty much non-existent 3%. So basically, airplane cabins have no humidity, which is awful for our skin, our eyes, throats, and our sinuses. Whenever people complain of having awful skin after a flight, it’s not only the air being recirculated over and over again, it’s the low humidity levels that just suck every single drop of moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, red, scaly, itchy, and wrinkly. Gross.

So this time, I did some pretty thorough research (aka I went on YouTube) to find what sort of products work best for long haul flights, and what I had in my collection that I could bring. Of course, we know that you can only bring one quart sized plastic bag, filled with products that are 100mL or less in size. If you have samples of anything, this is where keeping them comes in handy. All of the products I brought on my flight were either decanted into small travel sized bottles from Daiso, or I used a sample. I decided to bring a makeup remover, a hydrating toner, an emulsion (lightweight moisturizer), an eye cream, a sleeping pack/mask, hand cream, and lip balms. My extras included eye drops, cotton pads, and a sheet mask, in case I decided my skin needed some extra oompfh. Water is a necessity, and I made sure to not only refill my water bottle, but to buy an extra one as well. I’m always unbearably thirsty on flights!

As soon as the plane got in the air, I took my makeup off using a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma. I love Bioderma because it removes all of your makeup without completely drying out your skin. I took everything off, including eye makeup. I can’t sleep with mascara on because my eyes are like “uh, no girl” and I get styes. Sad times.

long flight

After I took my makeup off, I spritzed my face with my Nature Republic Argan Toner (featured here), making sure to saturate the parts of my face that tend to get super dry. I patted it dry with my fingers and then followed it up with my Missha Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Emulsion. Again, I patted it on with my fingertips, making sure to cover my dry spots. I moved on to my eyes, as the skin around my eyes gets especially dry, even when I’m not on a plane. I applied my Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream, using a little extra than I normally do. As a final face step, I applied my favorite night pack, the Nature Republic Super Aqua Mask Deep Moisture Sleeping Mask (also here) to seal in all of the moisture.

For my lips, I made sure to exfoliate with my Lush Mint Julips lip scrub before I got on the plane. After I finished with my face, I applied my favorite Nuxe lip balm, making sure to add just a little more than I needed. For my hands and nails, I used my Innisfree Jeju Rose hand cream. I also made sure to use my eye drops, as I usually always have dry, red eyes when I get off of a long-haul flight.

Throughout the flight, or whenever I was awake, I made sure to lightly reapply eye cream, hand cream, lip balm, and drink water. I kept checking the rest of my skin throughout the flight and surprisingly, the Nature Republic mask did an excellent job of keeping all of the moisture locked into my skin. I found that I didn’t need the sheet mask, but I used it anyway because I wanted to feel luxurious, plus it just feels really great.

About 45 minutes before we landed, I cleaned my face again with a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma, as the Nature Republic mask is meant to be washed off. I applied toner and my emulsion, then proceeded with the rest of my makeup routine: primer, tinted moisturizer, light blush, mascara, and gloss. When I went to the bathroom after I got off the flight, I noticed that my skin looked amazingly moisturized, almost like I didn’t just get off of a 12 hour flight. Even my eyes were bright and clear. And despite not having any idea what time of day it was and being incredibly tired, I actually looked pretty good. Having a long-haul flight beauty routine really makes all the difference!

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