Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Review


Since I moved to Korea, my tastes in skincare have drastically changed, especially in the makeup remover department. I used to be quite fond of the oil based removers, you know the kind you have to shake to mix together. But I found that those type of products just sort of smear the makeup all over your eye, meaning you have to use more product to remove all the mess that trying to remove your makeup caused. It’s a disaster. So, months ago when I read Alice from W2Beauty’s interview on Skin and Tonics, and saw that she recommended the Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip and Eye Remover, I knew I had to go out and get it. You know I love me some Innisfree!

The Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip and Eye Remover is packaged in a plastic opaque bottle with a pump top. One of the only negatives about this product is that the packaging is opaque so you can’t see how much you have left, a problem I’m dealing with right now and I try to shake out the remaining product to use at night. The pump makes the product hygienic and dispenses the perfect amount so none of the product goes to waste.

I’m going to be the first one to tell you that the scent of this particular product is strong, especially for something that’s used around the eyes. It smells just like a basket of green apples. I was sort of scared to use it at first, because literally the last thing I want to put on my eye is a product that smells like a bath and body works candle, but don’t be afraid. The scent has no affect whatsoever on how the product works, and I’ve actually never experienced any burning or stinging whatsoever.

It has a thin, yet creamy consistency, that very much reminds me of a cleansing balm. It’s silky smooth and the texture is actually my favorite thing about the product. You don’t have to worry about product dripping into your eye and causing blurriness, or worse, stinging. It’s thick enough that it doesn’t slide your eye makeup all over your face, but not so thick that it just coats your lashes. I sort of wish I could use it all over my face.

The best way to use it is to put a few pumps into a cotton pad, place on your eye for 5 to 15 seconds (depending on how heavy/waterproof your makeup is) and gently wipe away. I only have to use one cotton pad per eye, and I wear a lot of eye makeup daily. It just melts away the makeup and leaves your eye area super clean. It’s so easy to use that I don’t even have to be in front of a mirror to use it. I usually take off my eye makeup while I’m straightening up my apartment for the night.

I’m already on my second bottle, and I’m going to purchase a third on payday. It’s a fantastic eye makeup remover, and I don’t see myself going back to the oil based ones anytime soon.

You can find the Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip and Eye Remover at your local Innisfree. I can’t remember the exact price, but I don’t think it’s anymore than 15,000W. I remember it being somewhere in between 10,000W to 12,000W.

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