The One Product I Dislike: Banila Co. Prime Primer in Classic Matte


I have tried many Korean cosmetic products and I have to say I’ve had a 90% success rate with all the products I’ve tried. It’s rare that I find a product I dislike, and even more rare that I find a product I absolutely detest. For me, the one product that I just haven’t liked is the Banila Co. Prime Primer in Classic Matte. It’s the actual worst. Allow me to let Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec to further spell it out for you.


I like to keep things positive around here, and that’s why I rarely feature negative reviews, but I feel like this primer is worth the write up. I bought the Banila Co primer about a year ago, after seeing it in stores with “BEST IN BEAUTY” signs next to it. Nothing catches my eye quicker than seeing those signs, as I’ve had success with every single thing I’ve tried that’s won some sort of beauty award. That, topped with all the positive reviews I saw online, I just knew that I’d have a winner. NOT.

The Banila Co. Prime Primer in Classic Matte has a silky texture like any other silicone based primer, but my issue with it is that it’s SO slippery. To me, it feels like putting a weird silicone oil all over your face. I’ve tried using the least amount possible, and it always feels slippery. And what’s worse, is that since the primer is all weird and oily and cray-cray, nothing adheres to it. All the makeup I’ve tried layering on top just slides around and never really sets. It’s the weirdest thing! ¬†And matte? No way. After sort of getting it to stop slipping around, my makeup manages to last a paltry 3 to 4 hours with it. Sigh.

I thought it was maybe a summer thing, since I bought it during peak humidity and heat in Korea. Nope. I tried giving it a chance in the fall and in the winter. No dice. Still slippery and oily and sad. It’s sort of frustrating when you buy a product that’s super hyped up, and it doesn’t work for you. Doesn’t it make you feel like something is wrong with you? But hey, everything isn’t for everybody.

Have you ever bought into the hype, only to be disappointed? Let me know in the comments!

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