See You Soon America


Because nothing says USA like a giant display of cheese for $1.99.

I’m currently in the LAX International Terminal, really, really sad about having to leave and go back to Korea.

Not that I don’t like Korea, because I do, but being back in the US was just really awesome. Everything is cheap (seriously Korea isn’t cheap and everyone is lying to you but more on this later). I had an amazing time. I’m so happy I got to see my family, see my baby niece (who is the most adorable child ever!), eat great food, and of course, go shopping. If you want to check out a recap of all the stuff I did (and all the food I ate), check out my Instagram page.

I picked up some amazing beauty buys that I cannot wait to share with you, including some stuff I just picked up right before I went to the airport in Larchmont Village. I got the Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm and the Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes. I’ve sort of sworn off makeup wipes, but after reading so many amazing reviews about them, I decided to treat myself. I justified it because I needed a makeup remover for the flight. You just always gotta be prepared.

I’m secretly praying that this flight is hella empty and I end up with multiple seats to myself. I’ve been lucky twice now, the first time I went to Korea I ended up with a middle and window seat, and this last trip I ended up with an aisle and middle seat. This flight is 15 damn hours long and I don’t really know what the hell I’m going to do with myself for that long. Longest flight I’ve ever done has been 12 hours. The extra 3 hours just may put me over the edge. Jesus take the wheel.

I can’t wait until I can live in the US permanently. I love traveling; I’m obsessed with going to new places and being an expat but seriously there is nothing like home. Nothing. I know the US government is a shit show and it’s a hot ass mess but I can’t wait to live here again. I have a big, big dream in the pipeline, and it’s one of those things where I need to have a base in the US for it to get off of the ground.

Anyway, I board in 20 minutes so the next time you here from me I’ll be in Korea! Happy Lunar New Year!

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