8 Days

june8….I leave S. Korea in 8 days.

I just.


How is this happening?

I’m having so many different emotions. A few months ago, I told you all I was ready to go, and I am. But I’m definitely leaving a huge chunk of my heart here. I know that if I were staying a 3rd year, I wouldn’t be happy. But I’m not exactly doing cartwheels over having to leave either.

I can’t really put it into words. I’m SO excited to move to a new country. Part of me can’t believe I’m moving to Vietnam. I Skype with Johnny everyday and have seen our cute loft apartment (with tons of natural light omg) and I know that it’s the best decision for me right now. I’m excited to eat new food, see new sights, ride of the back of a motorbike, try not to die from heat stroke, you know, the usual. But then the other half of me is like..girl, are you making the best decision? There are SO many things happening with the blog and the Korean cosmetics part of it, that part of me is thinking, maybe I should have stay. But until I can make a living from blogging, that’s not going to happen. And like I said before, hagwon life is not for me. But, it’s not like I’m going to the US, so if there’s something insane that happens in the next few months, I’m only a plane ride away.

And I’m just SO tired. All the time. These last few weeks have been non-stop with packing, meeting friends, cleaning, throwing away things, having meetings..it’s just a lot. I’m happy, but I just really, really dislike being busy. Busy is SO overrated. I don’t understand people who can do it all. I need to sleep and have quiet time and relax with wine and watch Golden Girls.  I’ve also been having trouble sleeping because there are just constantly more things to do and I can’t keep it all straight. AND I’m also dealing with the fact that I have 8 days left in Korea and I’ve run out of toilet tissue, laundry detergent and fabric softener. All at the same time. Why me?!?!?!?! I need Jesus to take the wheel, ASAP.

But in an effort to not lose my mind completely, I wanted to share some cute stories with you. Since I started teaching a month into the school year last year, I feel like the students and I didn’t connect as much as I’d hoped to, mostly because I sort of just came in and started teaching. This year, I was able to teach the kids from the start, and I’m sad I won’t be able to see them finish the year. They are SO much fun, and so sweet. This of course, will most likely change because 6th graders are a bit crazy, but, so far, they’re awesome.

Student: Sheryll teacher, I like when you come to our class.
Me: Really? Thank you! That’s so nice!
Student: Yes. You smell special.
Me: …..Special? Is that good or bad?
Student: GOOD! You smell like cookies!


Me: I’m sad today.
Students: Why?
Me: Because I’m leaving Korea next week.
Student 1: I will pay you 10 dollars.
Student 2: I will pay you 100 dollars!
Student 3: I WILL PAY YOU 1000 DOLLARS!

They are amazing. And I’m gonna miss them tons.

Oh yeah, you just may be seeing me on YouTube really soon! SOOOOO EXCITED!

And I just now realized when I went through my pictures of Korea there are so many places I’ve been that I never blogged about. I focus so much on beauty that I sort of forgot to talk about my trip to the DMZ, or the Korean folk village, or any other things I’ve done. If you’re interested in seeing pictures/hearing about it, let me know!

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