Bronzed Goodness – My Favorite Korean Eyeshadows


I had a completely different post planned for today, but then I was looking at myself in the mirror and noticed that my new Too Cool for School eyeshadow I bought yesterday looked fucking amazing. I actually bought it because the saleswoman had a gorgeous bronzed smokey eye and I was like, “um girl what are you wearing on your eyes, give it to me immediately.” It was love at first swatch. Then it hit me…I should write a blog about my favorite Korean eyeshadows! Ya’ll already know that Korean eyeshadows aren’t my favorite, but there are a few exceptions, and they all just so happen to be in the same color family: bronze. I have lots of yellow and golden undertones, and bronze is just that one eyeshadow color that is always and forever flattering on me. I just love me a good bronze eye shadow. I’m lazy as hell during the week and it’s just so easy to swipe a bronze shadow over the lid to add just a bit of dimension to the eye.


From left to right: Etude House – Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow in BR402, Too Cool for School – Glam Rock Shadow in Golden Edge, Innisfree Mineral Single Eyeshadow in #27


First is the Etude House Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow in BR402. It’s a gorgeous true bronze color that is my go-to shadow color when I’m in a rush and don’t want to devote 10 minutes on doing a smokey eye. There is a slight gold glitter in the pan, but thankfully there isn’t any fallout. It’s highly pigmented, with just one swipe being all that I need all over my lid. This is also the shadow I keep in the makeup bag in my purse, just in case I end up somewhere and need to touch up. Since my eyelids are legit an oil well, I always use a shadow primer. With the primer, this eyeshadow doesn’t crease for at least 10 hours. It’s also SUPER cheap, costing about 4,000W. A+++++


Second is the Too Cool for School Glam Rock shadow in Golden Edge. I literally bought this eyeshadow yesterday, and it’s the one that gave me the idea for this post. It’s just SO pretty. I think the saleswoman might have thought I was a bit crazy because I audible gasped when I swatched it. It’s a gorgeous golden bronze shade with a metallic finish. It actually sort reminds me of MAC’s Woodwinked…not the exact same shade, but in the same gold family. Woodwinked has always been a bit *too* gold for me, but this color is absolutely perfect. The formula of this shadow is super silky, highly pigmented and it blends like a dream. I’ve had it on my lids since 7:45am this morning (it’s now 7:34pm), and there are no signs of creasing. Again, I always use a shadow primer, but that’s still an awesome wear time! It really brightens up my eyes, and is a gorgeous color for spring and summer. It’s also really affordable, costing 8,000W. I think it might actually replace my beloved Etude House shadow.


Last is the Innisfree Mineral Single eyeshadow in #27. So apparently the Innisfree shadows have a mineral makeup formula, similar to something from Bare Essentials. The rest of the line is a bit chalky and weird, but the #27 shadow is freaking fantastic! It’s a metallic dark brown bronze color that looks great in the outer V of your eye, or even the crease. This particular color is very smooth, and is quite easy to blend. It’s also highly pigmented. This color is my go to whenever I want to do a more sultry, smokey eye.

I’ve swatched all three on my hand, without any primer, just to show you how pigmented and rich they are. Again, from the left: Etude House, Too Cool for School, and Innisfree.


SO PRETTY! Heart eyes emoijis everywhere! I think I fell in love with them all over again. Seriously, everyone needs to get these shadows. All together, they are cheaper than one MAC eyeshadow in Korea.

What are your favorite Korean eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments!

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