The Countdown Begins: 31 Days

deskatschoolIn approximately 31 days, this desk and I shall be parting ways. Sort of surreal.

I can’t believe I’m leaving Korea. I know I’ve been counting down for awhile now, and I had always planned on staying 2 years, but it seems sort of weird. S. Korea is my home now. This is evident by the massive amount of things I have accumulated in just 2 short years. I opened my storage closet (aka the place where I just throw shit and pretend it doesn’t exist) this weekend and immediately shut it. Don’t want to deal. When did I get 2 heating fans? A yoga mat? A bag of forgotten cosmetics?! The world may never know.

Johnny is already finished with his contract, but he doesn’t leave for Vietnam until the 10th. Yeah, I’m the weird one with a contract that ends in April while everyone else was finished February 28th. I’m jealous he gets to sleep in while I drag myself to work for the next month.

Today, I didn’t have class, so I used my last day of desk-warming freedom to live tweet the Oscars and drink coffee. Tomorrow real life starts and I’ll have to start teaching again. It’s sort of weird the kids will have me around for a month and then no more native teacher for them. At least when I had a random month of work at the middle school, I already knew the kids so it wasn’t as awkward. I have a new co-teacher, and I know we’ll get along, but I’m not going to lie, I miss my old co-teacher. She was amazing and we got along really well. Tears. She’s still at the school though, just a homeroom teacher, so I can still go and hang out with her before I leave.

There are approximately one billion things I need to do before I go. These include: selling/getting rid of my things, updating my cover letter and resume, getting reference letters from my co-teachers, going to the pension office, going to the dentist, getting passport photos taken, get my visa on arrival letter, etc. etc. And of course I gotta make time to get my last minute shopping done (NARS matte multiple, I’m looking at you), see my friends, and make time for one last trip to the Hello Kitty cafe.

This post has no point, other than to make a note of the fact I have one month left in Korea. Never did I think I’d end up here..and now I’m leaving after 2 years. That shit is CRAY. I’ve been taking my camera everywhere with me and taking pictures of all the random things I don’t want to forget, like the inside of the buses and restaurant menus and graffti murals. I’m planning on a huge Korea photo essay before I go, so I wanted to take as many pictures as possible.

PS Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think of the beauty looks? I was obsessed with Lupita (DUH!), and Kerry Washington’s lipstick was amaaaazing. Overall, I really loved the toned down looks this year. Down with the heavy contour and piles of falsies! (although, Kim and Khloe SLAYED at the Oscar parties…omg)

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