Happy Bath Cherry Blossom Moisture Body Mist Review


Confession time: I’m a total body care snob. I’ve never been a huge fan of most of the Korean body care products available here. I have really dry skin and my body creams and lotions need to be a very specific texture: not runny, not watery, not greasy. No shimmer, no foaming shit, no sheen. Besides a few of the products I’ve tried, Korean brand body lotions are way too thin and watery for me and I just don’t understand how anyone is getting any sort of moisture from them, but that’s a whole different story. This all changed when I found out about the Happy Bath Cherry Blossom Moisture Mist.

Let’s have a little bit of story time. One night, I went to a jjimjilbang (Korean spa) for a little TLC. When I go to the jjimjilbang, I bring ALL of my products. Hair masks, body exfoliators, body oils, face masks, shaving necessities…it’s an experience for me. After primping and soaking and shaving and exfoliating and getting my whole life, I went back to the lockers to get changed. Except out of all the things I brought  with me, I didn’t bring any body lotion. None. Not even a hand cream. Cue the horror. Actual horror. I may have experienced a slight panic attack. I literally cannot get out of the shower without putting lotion on. My skin crawls just thinking about it. I don’t even remember a time in my life where not having lotion was an option. It’s as much of a necessity as brushing my teeth.

After sort of collecting myself, I remembered that the general getting ready/makeup area of the locker rooms normally have stations with necessities like hair spray, face lotions, etc. I wrapped a towel around myself and prayed for some sort of lotion, as at this point my legs already started itching and burning from having just shaved (my legs are the actual worst when it comes to dry skin). I sadly didn’t find any lotion, but what I did find was the Happy Bath Cherry Blossom Moisture Body Mist. I figured well…this is better than nothing and liberally sprayed my body, rubbing it in as I sprayed.

And what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. The spray was actual moisturizing! Not as much as my normal body creams, but it cured my itchy, burning legs and actually felt really nice on my skin. AND THE SMELL. Omg. It smells exactly how someone who just finished soaking in a jjimjilbang should smell: clean, floral, pretty. I couldn’t stop smelling myself as I walked back to my locker to get dressed, and hours later I could still smell it on my skin. I fell in love, but just assumed that I’d never be able to find the product again. Cue me going into Olive Young one day and seeing it on sale! I snatched it up immediately and it’s now a firm staple in my nighttime shower routine.

So what exactly is this Happy Bath Cherry Blossom Moisture Mist? I did a little research and found out first, Happy Bath is owned by Amore Pacific (who owns everything like Innisfree, Etude House, Laneige, IOPE, etc.), so I knew that they were the real deal. It’s described as a spray lotion, with top notes of cherry, peach, and freesia. The middle notes are cherry blossom, rose, and jasmine and the base notes are amber and sandalwood. It sprays on just like a normal body mist would, except it has a slightly thicker consistency than water. It’s sort of like if you mixed a lotion and some water and put it in a spray bottle. More than anything about this product, I love love love love love the smell. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a scent freak. I have quite a keen sense of smell and scents are very important to me. I’m OBSESSED with how this smells. It smells so clean and pretty and fresh, and the scent lasts all night. I don’t use it in the day, but only because the scent clashes with my perfume.

If you are the kind of person who hates body creams/lotions but still wants a little bit of moisture, this is perfect for you. Just remember you actually have to rub it in like a lotion, otherwise it does stay a little sticky on the skin if you just spray it and let it sit there. It’s the perfect moisturizer for those in extremely hot climates (or when summer rolls around in Korea), because it’s so light and refreshing. Put it in the fridge for an even better experience!

You can find the Happy Bath Cherry Blossom Moisture Mist at Olive Young for approximately 13,000w. I found it online at Korea Depart here.

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