Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream Review


So, after a small hiatus, I’m back! Things were a little hectic last week, with it being Johnny’s last week in Korea, so I wanted to make sure to spend as much time with him as possible. He left today for Vietnam, and I’m already a bit sad about it. It’ll be a month before I see him again, and I’m missing his birthday in 2 weeks. Sigh. Well, enough of my sappiness! Let’s get into the review for my new favorite night cream, the Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream.

I received samples of both the Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream and the Night Cream as I was buying a few things from Innisfree for my family before I left to the US. I tossed them in my samples box and didn’t really think anything about it, until I went had my weekly rifle through the box. I tried the night cream first, and I immediately fell in love. I even wrote about it on my Facebook page, and a bunch of people held the same sentiment. I had my heart completely set on getting the night cream, until I went into my local Innisfree to buy it and ended up getting the Enriched Cream instead.

Why? Well, it’s finally starting to warm up, and I’m moving to Vietnam soon and the night cream is really, really intense. It’s incredibly moisturizing, almost too much, especially as the weather is changing. The enriched cream is a great balance, as it’s not as heavy as the night cream.


So what’s the deal with orchids? Well, according to Innisfree, there is a special type of orchid that is able to survive the harsh winters in Jeju Island, and blooms beautifully in the spring. Well, winter has really been wearing on my skin, and I want to be a gorgeous orchid in Jeju. Who doesn’t?

The Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream is packaged in a 50mL plastic tub, without a spatula. It’s pretty lightweight, if you needed to travel with it for some reason. It’s touted as an anti-aging cream, which is perfect as I’m in my late 20s…you can never start the anti-aging products to early, I say. It also helps with brightening, pore care, and tightening. It’s a really pretty light violet color, and has a gorgeous light floral scent. I think it may be my favorite scent out of all the Korean products I’ve tried. It reminds me of spring!

I apply this product during my night time routine, after my Benton lotion. It has a slightly thick gel-cream texture, that really adheres to the skin. It feels ultra luxurious, without the luxurious price tag. It doesn’t absorb very fast, and leaves a bit of a sheen to the skin. It’s also slightly tacky on the skin after application, sort of like a night mask. It’s basically the reason I use it only at night, as I can’t really imagine layering makeup on top of it. If you’re into the whole K-drama heroine glow though, then this product will be right up your alley.


Above is a picture of my right after my nighttime skin routine. You can see how it leaves the skin a bit shiny, but it doesn’t bother me since I’m going to sleep. Despite the sheen and slight tackiness, I really do love this cream. Winter has made my skin so dull and this cream has helped to bring some of its glow back. It’s helped minimize┬ámy pores, and the overall brightening of my skin. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is unbelievably soft and plump. There were a few days 2 weeks ago where I didn’t even wear face makeup to school because my skin just looked too good and I didn’t want to cover it up. If that isn’t a testament to how awesome this cream is, then I don’t know what is!

If you have oily or acne prone skin, this product may not be for you, as it does contain silicone and is a bit thick on the skin. But my dry skinned ladies (and men), if you are looking for a new cream to use, I highly recommend it. Innisfree hits another home run in my book!

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