Seoul Snapshots

I now have three weeks left in Korea. EEEEEK. I’m sort of freaking out, especially since I haven’t started packing. This weekend is going to be dedicated to cleaning out my closet, and going through my beauty stash for the 3rd time (I’m really attached to my beauty stuff okay), and actually start putting stuff into my suitcases. Shit is getting real!

In an effort to try and get as much time in Seoul as I can, I’ve been spending my weekends exploring areas I never get to go to, mostly because they are SO far away. Last weekend was Johnny’s last in Seoul, and we went wandering around Insadong, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Hyewha theatre district. We’d both never been to Hyewha and now I’m kicking myself that we didn’t go earlier. It’s such a cool area, dotted with tons of little independent theatres, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.

I just wanted to share a bit of the shots I took while we were out. I hope you enjoy! Have an awesome weekend!

temple colorfullanterns palaceguards gyeongbukpalace guardsupclose kingsejong hyewha ticketbooththeatre hyewha2 hyewharestaurant hyewha7 signs hyewha4 hyewha3 abikocurry bar ticketbooth motorbike

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