My Morning Skin Care Routine


I just realized that I’ve always detailed my nighttime skin care routine, but never my morning one. Well, that’s all changed now!

I wanted to talk about my skin care routine, as it has changed a little bit since I moved to Vietnam. When I left Korea, it was still chilly, and I was still using a bulk of my winter skin care products, but as we know, Vietnam is insanely hot and humid every single day, so I decided to leave most of my winter things with a friend and focus on bringing lightweight, yet moisturizing products. I’ve been using a mix of high end and low end products, since I went a wee bit crazy at the department stores before I left Korea.

On another note, I’ve found the water here in Vietnam is extremely drying. Proof is that I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s soap when I shower since who knows when, as I love the way it makes me feel super clean. I was in Vietnam maybe 2 days when I started to notice that my skin was unbearably itchy, especially after a shower. I know that it wasn’t any of my products, since I was using the same stuff I used in Korea, but I was showering more often, up to 3 times a day. Johnny suggested that I switch my body wash, since Dr. Bronner’s is pretty drying, and that changed everything. I’m not itchy anymore, but that also means I’ve had to make slight adjustments to my skincare routine, since I have noticed my face is a little dry after I wash it.

And now, on to the routine. First, I wash my face with my holy grail su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. I’ve already raved about it, but know that it’s fucking amazing and actually the best cleanser in the history of the world. After I wash my face, I use the Benton Aloe AHA/BHA toner. I haven’t reviewed it yet (keep your eyes peeled next week), but I like it! It’s slightly hydrating without being sticky, and it helps keep my breakouts at bay. It’s incredibly soothing, and feels wonderful after I wash my face, since like I said earlier, the water is a bit drying here. I switch between just applying it directly with my hands or using a cotton pad. Either way is fine.

After I tone my skin, I use an essence. My essence of choice is the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence. Another one that I’ll be reviewing soon, but know that everything you’ve read about it is right. I’ve realized that bee venom works really well for me at keeping my random pimples in check, and I’ve noticed I don’t scar as easily when I do get pimples. It isn’t the most hydrating essence I’ve used, but I do like it because it’s just so hot here that by the time I do go outside, I’m a sweaty mess within minutes.

After my essence, I apply my emulsion. I’m currently using the su:m37 Waterfull Rebalancing Gel Lotion. I’ve talked in previous posts about how much I love gel/creams and gel/lotion hybrids, and this one is no exception. I LOVE this emulsion. Some ingredients include fermented bamboo sap extract, fermented hibiscus flower extract, and fermented snow lotus extract. Something about fermented ingredients in my skin care products makes my skin quite happy, so I’ve been quietly stockpiling everything from su:m37, as their main focus is fermented skin care. It’s incredibly hydrating, while being completely lightweight. It absorbs into the skin almost immediately, and doesn’t leave behind any stickiness or shine. It’s a wonderful emulsion for summer, or for those living in tropical climates.

Since it’s so hot here, I skip a cream and go straight to my sunscreen. I currently use the su:m37 Sun Away Cooling Watery Sunblock in SPF 50. This was a impulse buy at Incheon Duty Free before I moved to Vietnam. The saleswoman swatched it on my arm and after feeling how lightweight it was, PLUS the fact that it absorbs ridiculously fast, PLUS the fact that it doesn’t leave behind a grey cast on the skin…I was sold. It’s so hard for me to find a sunscreen with a high SPF that isn’t tinted, or one that doesn’t leave a weird grey/white cast on my face. I get the feeling I’ll be repurchasing this one for a long time.

After my sunscreen has had time to absorb, I continue with the rest of my makeup routine, which I detailed a few days ago here.

All in all, my morning routine is quite simple. I like to focus on lightweight moisture, with a little bit of blemish control for good measure. What’s your morning routine?


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