Beauty Habits


We all have our beauty habits, good and bad. I remember my co-teacher once wondered why I apply my hand cream in the palm of my hand first, not the back side, and sometimes, when I’m nervous, I constantly twirl my hair. I came across the idea for this blog post from the blog From Roses, and I thought it would be fun to share my beauty habits, both good and bad. Let’s start with my good beauty habits!

– I never, ever, ever, EVER go to sleep without washing my face.
– Unless I have a bad reaction to a product, I try to use it all completely before tossing it out.
– I keep all of my cosmetics out of the bathroom – a must here in Vietnam because there’s a never ending mountain of humidity…at all times.
– Right before i go to sleep, I apply a hand and foot cream. My hands are always dry, and you gotta make sure those feet are lookin’ right!
– I exfoliate my lips every other day with a toothbrush I keep especially for the occasion.
– I follow a strict skincare routine, both day and night.
– I wear sunscreen daily.
– I use a new washcloth for my face everyday, for both morning and night. Yes, I have a LOT of washcloths.
– I drink a lot of water. I actually can’t stand to drink most packaged “fruit” juices and carbonated beverages. SO much sugar!
– I don’t ever get ridiculously wasted. Every time I drink a lot (especially if it’s drinks with a lot of sugar), I break out horribly.
– I don’t pick at my face.
– I always smell good. I absolutely cannot be without perfume. It’s my life source.
– I use body oil/lotion every single day.
– I *try* to workout often (this is something I’m working really hard on).
– I’m very consistent with throwing out my eye makeup. I’m prone to styes, so I have to get a new eyeliner and mascara about every 2 to 3 months.

And now, the bad *insert dramatic drumroll here*:
– I pick at my nail polish when it starts to chip. Once I start, I don’t feel satisfied until I’ve picked it all off. With regular manicures, I’m getting better though!
– I sometimes pull my mascara off.
– I sleep with my hands on my face, resulting in weird bumps only on the right side. Sigh.
– I’m awful at doing my eyebrows. I don’t understand them. I wish I had a personal eyebrow person.
– I have a million lip products (and keep buying more), but I only use maybe 5 of them at a time.
– I’m addicted to my Clarisonic (I’ve cut down significantly, but I still want to use it all the time).
– I grind my teeth.
– My diet is all over the place. Some days I’m incredibly healthy, but others I just pig out all day. Gotta get it together.
– I buy products without reading reviews, just because the packaging is pretty.
– Whenever I wear bright lip colors, it somehow ends up all over my chin.
– I get stuck in makeup ruts.
– I wait until the very last day before I’m sure my hair is going to start turning into locks to wash it. I hate washing my hair.
– I don’t wash my makeup brushes as often as I should.
– I wear my hair in a tight ponytail/bun at least 80% of the time here in Vietnam. I can’t stand the feeling of having hair on my neck when it’s hot, but I also don’t really know many other hair styles.

What are your good and bad beauty habits? Share them below in the comments!

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