Life Lately – Smoothies, Pho, and Cupcakes


A bowl of pho cures everything. Just trust me on this. It does.

So what have I been up to lately? My main focus for the past 2 weeks has been trying to find a job. After my few weeks of “vacation”, I’ve decided it’s probably a good idea to finally start looking for work. I admit that I’ve been a bit lax, but I’ve been upping up the amp the past few days. I wake up, make some tea and eat some breakfast, and scour Craigslist,,, and other sites, send off e-mails, then do my blog stuff for the day. I respond to e-mails and comments, jotting down notes of what I need to review, taking photographs, etc. After all the business-y stuff is out of the way, I breathe a little bit and pick a place to explore. I gotta have a little fun, right?

The job hunt has been a tad bit frustrating, but I found out that a big bulk of hiring is done in August. Sigh. Most schools are getting ready to go on summer break, so there are a few positions for summer schools and summer programs available. I’ve been on a few interviews, but a lot of schools have crazy working hours (9:30am-730pm, or 9:30-6:30pm 6 days a week…no). My main focus is this blog and the writing opportunities that have slowly been coming my way, so I’m still looking for part time work only. I’m confident that I’ll be working in no time though. All in due time! I will say that if you’re planning on coming here, make sure to have some sort of savings with you, since there’s not a guarantee you’ll find work immediately.

This week, I went out for lunch with my dear friend Rae, and afterwards, I picked up the most delicious and adorable cupcakes from a bakery called Fly Cupcakes. There were SO many choices, and they all looked incredible, but I ended up picking up four to take home: key lime, red velvet, chocolate brownie, and Oreo. YUM. And best of all, they were about $2 each!

keylimecupcake cupcakes1

I’ve also become quite obsessed with smoothies. After living in Korea for 2 years, aka the land of ridiculously priced fresh fruit, drinking real, fresh fruit smoothies everyday is quite a treat. Avocado mango smoothies were my jam for the past few weeks, but then Johnny and I went to a new (to me) smoothie place down the street from our place. I got a mango, banana, passionfruit smoothie and my whole life has been changed. Passionfruit is like..the greatest fruit known to man and I’m not sure how I’m going to deal when I can’t run around the corner and buy them. And the smoothie store is SO cute! It reminds me of a Whole Foods with the chalkboard signs and exposed wood.


And this past weekend, Johnny and I ventured into District 1 to try and get some clothes made, but the place we wanted to go to was closed. Sad, we ended up going to Saigon Square, which sort of reminds me of one of the big stores in Dongdaemun (like Migliore or Hello apM). It’s a large shopping center with tons of vendors selling jewelry, accessories, clothes, bags, pretty much everything. We went wanting to get clothes, but I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses instead. Whoops! Sunglasses are always a necessity, so not all hope it lost. Still hoping we can get some clothes made soon, as I don’t really have anything super professional to wear once I do find a job.

Everything is still wonderful and hot here, although rainy season is right around the corner. Even though I haven’t found a job (yet), Ho Chi Minh City is just such an awesome place to be. I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve been stressed, angry, or upset. It’s just so gorgeous here, and everyone is so happy and calm. And it’s ridiculously affordable. I still can’t get over how inexpensive things are here. I can get my nails done every week, eat out, get smoothies everyday, get facials, go shopping…I love it! And this weekend, I think I’m going to buy an electric bicycle so I can get around the city on my own. Pray for me, ya’ll.

I have a big package from w2beauty coming any day now that I’m ridiculously excited about. Keep your eyes peeled for a huge haul post once I get it!

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