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After weeks and weeks of being afraid for some weird reason, I finally think it’s time to unveil my new project.

Introducing Glamtrotting Magazine – the e-zine for Glam Girls on the Go!

So what is Glamtrotting? Glamtrotting is a bimonthly e-zine for women who want to know about the best in beauty around the world. Traveling to Brazil? Want to know the best place to get waxed? Glamtrotting will be your guide. Do you live in Bangkok and want to know about the best local beauty products? Glamtrotting will be there to help you too.

I was inspired by my love for Korean cosmetics and travel. I found myself wanting to know about beauty cultures and products in other countries outside of Korea. I wanted to know about beauty in India, Morocco, the UK, Singapore, Nigeria, Hungary, etc., etc., the list can go on and on forever. And I thought, well, if I want to know about these things, I’m sure others would like to as well! How cool would it be to know the must have products in different countries? How awesome would it be to know where local and expat women like to go and get pampered around the world, to have beauty traveling tips at your fingertips?  And then, just like that, a magazine was born.

Glamtrotting will feature travel beauty tips, tricks, interviews, product reviews, spas and all things beauty from around the world. It has been quite the labor of love for me, and something I know in my heart that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to start an online magazine, and bounced a lot of ideas around, but when I thought about Glamtrotting it just stuck. I knew that it was destined to be. I hope that you’ll love it as much as I do!

And in the meantime, please check out our webpage and sign up to be notified when we launch and all the details on how you can purchase your copy. There won’t be any spam newsletters, so don’t worry about that! And please make sure to like and follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. An Instagram page will be coming shortly!

Twitter: Glamtrotting
Facebook: Glamtrotting

Can’t wait for you all to see it! YAAAAAAAAY!

Glamtrotting is currently looking for contributors! If you are a woman who loves traveling and beauty and would like to be a featured writer for Glamtrotting, please send your pitches to We will contact you with further information on how you can be a part of our team!

– some ideas: your beauty packing tips, flight routines, best ____ in x country, homemade beauty in x country, travel beauty products, etc. etc.  

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