Su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum Review

time energy serum

I haven’t done a Korean beauty review in about 2434 years, mostly because my skin is a hot ass mess and I’ve been sticking to my basic skincare routine to try and get it together. Well, I’m not breaking out all over, it’s just around my jawline on the right side. It’s the weirdest fucking breakout ever. I’ve been a bit hesitant about introducing new products into my routine because this breakout is never-ending. It’ll clear up for a few days, then BAM, it’s crazy again. I got a facial a few days ago and it’s actually the best my skin has looked in a month, so maybe that’s the key? The pollution here is nuts and I *think* that could be the issue, but I don’t know. Sigh. Some people think I’m overreacting but after having near perfect skin in Korea, this random breakout is pissing me off.

But the one new product that I have been using a lot of (and LOVING) is the su:m 37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum. I used the deluxe sample size before I moved to Vietnam and fell in love, so I ordered it from I use it at night only, mostly because I use my AC Care serum in the AM. I don’t think it’s heavy or greasy at all, so if you want to use it both day and night, then that’s totally fine.

So what is this serum supposed to do? What does all of this time resetting repairing blahblahblah mean? According to the website, it “provides energy to your skin and improves your skin condition with its refined, natural fermented ingredients and plant extracts.” Basically, this serum is supposed to repair damaged skin, help with skin problems like acne, and balance oily skin. The entire Time Energy line is designed for those with oily/combination skin, and for those with sensitive skin (I also have the emulsion and I LOVE it too). Like all su:m37 products, this serum is made from natural fermented ingredients, and contains no artificial ingredients, colors, dyes, or perfumes.

The serum comes packaged in a small, iridescent, glass bottle, and contains 60ml of product. It also has a sturdy pump top. It has a pretty watery texture; it’s not creamy and it’s not really gel-like either. Despite the thin, watery texture, it’s incredibly hydrating and soothing. It has a really pleasant, slightly orange scent, but it fades away pretty quickly. It also absorbs really fast, and doesn’t leave your skin oily or greasy.

Every night after my essence step, I apply about 2 pumps of the serum all over my face, patting it in with my palms. I then follow up with the emulsion from the same su:m 37 line (I’ll be reviewing it soon!). In the morning, my skin is smooth and bright, and the breakout around my jaw is usually much better. It really does help balance oil, and I find that my skin in the morning looks really healthy and hydrated. If it weren’t for my jaw breakout, I’d say that my skin would be 100% perfect! Out of all of the serums I’ve tried, I’d definitely say that this one is my favorite. It feels so nice on the skin, absorbs easily, hydrates the skin, and leaves it looking and feeling really smooth. I’m already halfway through my bottle and desperately trying to figure out how I can order more since I definitely don’t trust getting it shipped here. If anyone in Vietnam knows where I can buy su:m37, please let me know! (Or maybe I’ll just have to take a trip to Singapore…oooooh!)

Now…there is one bad about it…it’s a bit expensive. I ordered mine from for $63.16. I can’t remember how much it would be in Korea, but if you’re there, head to any major department store and they should have it.

If you buy it from, make sure to enter my sponsor code 05632401 for %$5 off of your first order! 


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