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I’ve updated my morning Korean skincare routine just a little bit since I did a post about 5 months ago, and thought that I’d share. After moving to Vietnam and being blessed with one of the worst breakouts I’ve had in recent memory, my skin is finally back to normal. I can’t say for sure what did it, but since I’ve re-introduced some of my favorites back into my routine, my skin has forever been thankful.

My focus on my morning skincare routine is giving my skin hydration, without too many products. It’s just so hot and humid here, that I try to not slather my face in creams during the day. Short, simple, sweet is my motto.

I start by washing my face with the only cleanser that really matters, the su:m37 Miracle Rose Stick. I know, it’s discontinued, but if you search, you can still find some lurking around on Ebay. Just know that if you can get your hands on it, you’ll never want to use another cleanser again. I’m going to be absolutely devastated when the inevitable happens and I run out. I can’t even think about it.

After I cleanse my face, I use the Innisfree Rose Clear Skin toner. I just apply some on a cotton pad, swipe, and done. It’s a simple, no fuss toner, but it’s hydrating and smells nice. It also leaves my skin super soft!

After my toner, I apply another holy grail item for me – the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. I wrote a review about it ions ago, and it is still one of my all time favorite skin care items. I’m not sure why I stopped using it, but I’ll never stop. I pour a little into the palms of my hands, and gently press the product into my skin. Yes, I know that you’re supposed to apply it right after washing your face but I’m bending the rules a little bit. The effects are still the same – glowy, bright, clear skin. I can’t wait to try the mist!

Then it’s time for my serum. My serum of choice lately has been the su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Repairing Serum (reviewed here!). This little glass bottle has really helped with clearing up my breakout. It’s lightweight, absorbs into the skin immediately and isn’t sticky or tacky. As the product name states, it really does “repair” your skin. My acne is practically non-existent, and I don’t even have the little annoying bumps around my jaw anymore. Again, I pump about 2 pumps into my palms and gently press the product into my skin. I’m almost out of this serum, and definitely plan on repurchasing.

My last step is my emulsion. Depending on my mood, I either grab the su:m37 Water-ful Rebalancing Gel Lotion (reviewed here), or if my skin is being hormonal and weird, I reach for the Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Lotion. It’s a lightweight, slightly watery emulsion that absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave it sticky or feeling heavy. It’s the perfect emulsion for summer, or if you’re dealing with acne. It also contains salicylic acid, which is one of my acne care heroes. It’s non-irritating, and has a light, but refreshing scent. It’s definitely one my favorites!

I skip a cream during the day because it’s just too hot for all of that. Depending on what I’m doing, I’ll either apply my su:m37 sunscreen, or if I’m going out, I’ll apply my NARS tinted moisturizer since it has SPF 3o.

What’s your morning routine? Let me know in the comments!

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Innisfree Anti-Trouble Lotion

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