Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum Review

blacksugarserumReview time!

As my su:m37 serum was nearing an end, I went on a search for a new one. Of course, I wanted to repurchase it, but then I wouldn’t have anything new to review. I decided to try something different, and after reading lots of positive reviews, I bought the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum.

I haven’t used anything from Skinfood in at least 2 years. I fell in love with the brand when I first moved to Korea, but then I just fell out of love with their skincare. It wasn’t anything in particular and nothing caused me to break out, I just favored other brands like Innisfree, Laneige, and Missha. But this serum has just rekindled my love for the brand.

I read a lot of reviews on how great the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum is, and I thought it’d be the perfect first thing to try on my journey to try and find great Korean beauty budget buys. Lord knows how much I love su:m37 and Sulwhasoo, but that shit is expensive.

The Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum is packaged in a glass bottle, with a cute little apothecary type label. I thank God they didn’t use any comic sans on the packaging (WHY Skinfood Whyyyyyyy?!?!). It contains 120mL of product, and also comes with a set of cotton pads, specifically to be used with the product. One side of the cotton pads is smooth, and the other is textured. The textured side of the cotton pad is used to gently exfoliate your skin while you apply the product, while the smooth side is just for normal application. Some people have complained that the textured side is a bit rough, but I feel that it’s okay, as long as you apply the product gently and don’t rub the cotton pad too hard on your skin.


This serum isn’t like most serums where it’s a gel consistency. It’s a liquid, much like the Missha First Treatment Essence. And like the Missha First Treatment Essence, the Skinfod serum is meant to be used as the first step of your skincare routine after washing your face, hence the “perfect first” in the product name. Using it with the exfoliating cotton pads makes it a sort of 2-in-1 product, like a toner and a serum all in one! It’s just so hot and humid here that I’ve been trying to find more products that are multi-tasking so I don’t have to layer so much, and this definitely fits the bill. It has a slightly sweet scent, but it’s very faint and disappears once it’s applied to the skin.

The Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum promises to brighten, exfoliate, tighten, and hydrate the skin. It’s free of benzophenone, mineral oil, silicone oil, sulfates, acrylamide, and talc, six harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Like the instructions state, I apply it immediately after I finish washing my face. I put a little bit of the serum on the netted side of the cotton pad, and swipe gently all over my face. I then use the palms of my hands to press the product into my skin. It’s incredibly hydrating and soothing. It’s *slightly* sticky, but after you apply your emulsion, it’s okay. I use this product at night and in the morning, as I find that it’s not heavy at all.

So does it work? YES. Since moving to Vietnam, my skin has been incredibly dull due to all of the pollution here. After about the first 2 weeks of use, I noticed that my skin was becoming brighter, the acne scars around my jawline and chin were slowly fading, and my skin looked visibly more plump and hydrated. I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now, and I can say that the results are just as good. I haven’t had a breakout (not even a hormonal one), in a while, and my skin has retained its glow. It’d repurchase it in a heartbeat, especially since it isn’t too pricey. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive, yet effective serum, this is a great choice!

Where to purchase:, $22.30 + shipping

What serums have you been using lately? Let me know in the comments!

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