Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist Review

Woop woop! Review time! This time, it’s on the Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist.

I first read about the Dust Cut Facial Mist on Pico Prince’s website¬†and was immediately intrigued. I live in the land of the worst pollution EVER, so I was willing to try anything that promises to help protect my skin against pollution and the elements.

The Dust Cut line is designed to help combat pollution and dust by creating a protective barrier over your skin. In addition to the mist, there’s also a face wash, a face cream, and a sheet mask. When I first read about the line, it wasn’t available online for purchase, so I forgot about it, until I wandered into the Etude House in Diamond Plaza, HCMC and saw it there. Apparently it’s SUPER popular here as almost everything from the line was sold out, except for one Dust Cut mist, so I knew that I had to pick it up. It cost me about 300,000VND, or $15 dollars here, which makes me cry a little bit considering it’s like 7 to 8 bucks in Korea.

The Dust Cut Facial Mist is packaged in a plastic bottle containing 150ml of product. I wish the bottle was slightly smaller, as it’s a bit too big to carry around with you in your purse or bag. A travel sized bottle would be perfect! Also, I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my nozzle in particular, but the spray of this mist shoots me in the face at times, instead of a fine mist. I have to really make sure to hold the bottle as far away from my face as possible to get an even spray all over my face.

mist2I asked the woman at the Etude House when you should use this mist, and she recommended that you should use it after your moisturizer, and before any makeup. She also said she applies it at night before she goes to sleep to protect her skin from dust while she’s sleeping. I apply it after my makeup, as I find that it works better for me as a finishing mist, to sort of seal everything together.

So does it work? I think it does! After you spray it, you can feel your skin tighten slightly, meaning the protective barrier is doing its magic. I can’t say that it makes me break out less or anything like that, but I’ve noticed my face is less dirty at night when I make sure to use this mist throughout the day. It’s definitely not one of those one and done mists, it works better with frequent use throughout the day, which is why I think the bottle should be much smaller.

It also makes my makeup last longer, which to me is worth it more than the protective barrier. It’s so hot and humid here my makeup normally sweats off within hours, but this mist keeps me together the whole day. I’m usually pretty bad at using mists regularly, but this one has been a mainstay in my skincare routine since I bought it a few months ago. If you live in a heavily polluted area, I think this mist is a must try!

What’s your favorite skin mist? Let me know in the comments!

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