Su:m37 Skin Saver Melting Cleansing Balm Review


We already know that everything from su:m37 is amazing and glorious and made out of unicorn glitter, so I can skip all of the intro shit. The su:m37 Skin Saver Melting Cleansing Balm is basically a magical balm made from angel wings and fairy dust, so yeah, just buy it and thank me later.

I was browsing one day when I saw it, and I literally screamed and sent a message to Coco (The Beauty Wolf) and Kerry (Skin & Tonics) like OMG DID YOU KNOW SU:M37 HAS A CLEANSING BALM I GOTTA BUY IT. I looked it up and found out that it’s a relatively new product, only released this past July. I had just bought the banila co. cleansing balm but bitch I didn’t care. I put it in my w2beauty cart without a second glance.

One of the best things about this cleansing balm is the packaging. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s packaged in a frosted glass jar, containing 100ml of product. Sadly, you can’t travel with it (it’s glass and HEAVY), but it looks stunning sitting in your bathroom. You know we ladies love fancy ass jars, and this one is no different. What is even cooler is that the spatula for the product is actually that little thing on the top of the lid! It’s magnetic, so you just pop it off, use it to scoop out your balmy goodness, then just pop it back on the lid when you’re finished. As someone who can literally never keep spatulas, the magnet feature is absolutely awesome.


The balm itself is such a great texture. It’s oily enough to get the toughest eye makeup off in one go, but not greasy or thick. It feels like a luxurious dream when you apply it on your skin, and often times I close my eyes and massage my skin for a minute or two because it feels like heaven. It really does “melt” into your skin. What’s better is that it really removes ALL makeup and helps control oily skin, leaving your face clean, without stripping it. Honestly, if you’ve had a long night out and don’t feel like doing the 2 step cleanse, using this one product would be okay.

To use, apply the balm to your dry skin, taking care to gently rub your eyes to remove any eye makeup. It doesn’t sting the eyes, but it does leave my vision slightly cloudy for a second. I never use water to emulsify the product, because I find that it works much better on dry skin. After a minute or so of massaging the product into your skin, use a damp washcloth to gently remove your makeup.

cleansingbalm3This is also another one of those products where a little bit really does go a long way. I had a bad habit of using WAY too much when I first got it. You only need a dime sized amount to properly cleanse your whole face. It smells very similar to all of the other su:m37 products, like a light citrus scent. According to the press release, it contains fermented apricot seed oil and vitamin C oil, Vitamin A, and tocopherol. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a complete ingredient list, even on the Korean su:m37 website. I will say that while using the balm I haven’t had any breakouts, and my skin feels soft and smooth after removing my makeup. I’m still working on finishing my Banila co. balm, but to me, this one is lightyears better. It removes eye makeup better, and it just feels better on the skin. If you want a balm that actually feels like a cleansing oil without the messiness, then this is for you.

cleansingbalm4It’s priced at 38,000w in Korea, $48.39 from w2beauty, Ebay user hanhwa2030 has it for 34.99 with free shipping, and it’s also available via for $52.00. It’s a little pricey, yes, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. It’s beautiful to look at, and it’s a product that really delivers.

Have you tried the su:m37 cleansing balm? What’s your favorite makeup remover? Let me know in the comments!

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