Brilliant LoveHeart Lip Care 3 Step System Review


I told myself that 2015 was the year that I branched out of my su:m37 bubble (girl it’s hardddd lol), and try new things. I was browsing the WISHtrend website and came across the Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care 3 Step System and was immediately intrigued. They graciously sent me a package to try and I can honestly say I’m super impressed.

I’m a lip care fanatic: I probably have at least 5 different types of chapstick/lip balm on me at all times. Soft, non-flaky lips are a necessity in my life, especially since I wear lipstick more often than not. If you are a lipstick wearer, a lip biter, or it’s wintertime where you live and your lips are a hot mess, you need this kit!

So it’s a 3 step system, but you can also use each step individually. Here’s a photo of my lips before this whole process – they’re a bit flaky with old lipstick. Boo.


Step One: Lip Mask – a thick, white, slightly difficult to spread lip mask that removes all of your dead skin. Seriously, this mask is a godsend. I’ve never, ever used a lip product that removes dead skin like this. I usually use a damp washcloth each night before I go to bed, but this is a whole different level.

To use, spread thin layer of the thick mask all over your lips and leave on for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove the mask with a damp washcloth and then be amazed at how smooth your lips are. The mask is the one product I use even when I’m not doing the 3 steps. It’s that good.


Step Two: Lip Gel Patch (5 lip patches per box) – a 100% hydrogel mask that contours to your lips, providing moisture to the lips. First off, this mask feels AMAZING. I’d never tried lip patches before, mostly because I just thought they were gimmicky and wouldn’t work, but I’m a changed woman. These lip patches contain awesome ingredients like peach, blueberry, and honey extract, and grape seed oil. The patch contours completely to your lips, and feels so nice on. To use, apply a gel patch to your lips for 15 to 20 minutes. After removing the patch, you can pat the remaining essence into your lips. If you’re planning on wearing a matte lipstick, I’d stop after this step. Your lips will be super soft and smooth, without any visible lines, making them the perfect foundation for a bold lip color.


Step Three: Lip Essence – This is a lip balm/essence that is used to seal in moisture and condition your lips. It’s slightly slippy, which is why I don’t recommend using this particular step if you’re planning on wearing a matte lip color. It feels really nice and hydrating on the lips, but part of me wishes it were slightly more waxy in texture. Of course, this is just a personal preference, as I’m used Nuxe and Burt’s Bees. The great thing about this lip essence is that it’s slightly tinted pink, so it gives your lips a really pretty, healthy pink glow.

finalstepOverall, I think the Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care 3 Step System is a really great product. The effects are long lasting, and it really creates the perfect base for lipsticks, or just to get rid of chapped lips in general.

Where to purchase: – on sale now for $17.40. Wanderlust Project readers can use the code WANDER-LIP at checkout for an additional 10% off. This code is only available until January 31st, so get your life!

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