HERA Cell Essence Review


I’m quite loyal to my Missha First Treatment Essence (FTE), but you know, I gotta test the waters out. I’ve always wondered about HERA, and since I can’t try their famous UV Mist Cushion, I decided to order their next best things – the HERA Cell Essence and the Aquabolic emulsion. Today’s review will be on the highly requested HERA Cell Essence (or the Cell-Bio Fluid Sync but ain’t nobody got time to type all of that).

The HERA Cell Essence comes packaged in a big box, containing the above: the box of cotton pads, and the actual product itself. One of my favorite things about this essence is the packaging. It’s so sleek and pretty and looks more expensive than what it is. It’s packaged in a frosted glass bottle, containing 150ml of product. It’s heavy, and you definitely can’t travel with it, but it looks gorgeous sitting in your bathroom so there’s that.

The cotton pads are nice – one side is textured, and the other side is plain. You’re supposed to apply this essence by soaking the cotton pad in essence, placing it between your fingers as demonstrated above, and starting from your nose, swipe the pad onto your skin in an outward motion towards your cheeks, forehead and chin. I’m not really down with cotton pads and essences so I apply it using my hands. I just use the cotton pads to take my eye makeup off because they’re nice.


There are markings on the side of the bottle to indicate how much you should use each time. Recommended use is 5ml for one day, or 2.5ml day and night. The bottle is supposed to last you between 28-30 days. When I first got this product, I attempted to use the recommended amount and it was just too damn much. The product doesn’t dispense fast enough (I’m impatient), and to be honest I don’t think that much essence is necessary. A few drops in the palm of my hand is all I need to cover my entire face and I’m pretty sure it works just as well as slathering my face in it. Using less of the product also means you can stretch it to last to around the 2 month mark.


The HERA Cell Essence is a very lightweight, watery texture, that’s slightly milky/cloudy in color. It feels exactly like water, no heaviness or stickiness whatsoever. It absorbs within 10-15 seconds, and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated and plump. It has an extremely light, pleasant floral scent that’s barely detectable, but if you’re sensitive to fragrance then maybe you’d notice it.

heraessence3 The HERA Cell essence has many claims, including moisturizing, brightening, and firming the skin. To be honest, I haven’t seen much brightening at all, but it is the most hydrating essence I’ve tried. I really love the way my skin seems to just drink it up, without any heaviness or stickiness.  After application, my skin feels more firm, supple, and definitely hydrated.

But after taking a peek at the ingredient list (found here), I’m really sad to find out that the 3rd ingredient is alcohol. Like I said in my previous post, I’m really trying to be more conscious about ingredients instead of just buying things all willy nilly. If I had known this contained alcohol I may have thought twice about purchasing it. Then again, my favorite su:m37 waterfull products contain alcohol as well so…I guess you gotta pick your battles.

Overall, this essence just didn’t WOW me like I expected it to. It’s very hydrating and feels nice on the skin, but I prefer the Missha FTE hands down. I’m going to finish the bottle, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one.

In the meantime, I’m on the hunt for more essences to try so give me your recommendations! I’m currently looking at one from Secret Key and I may just have to pull out the big guns and finally try some SKII.

I purchased my HERA Cell Essence from W2beauty where it’s on sale for $58.50, which is average for a mid-range/high end essence. You can use my sponsor code 05632401 to receive $5 off your first order. It’s also available from ebay seller joongmart for $66.00.

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