Life in Vietnam 3

Hi hi! Here’s another round of photos from life here in Vietnam. As with the rest of the photos in this series, all were taken with my iPhone 6 and edited on my MacBook Pro using the CameraBag 2 app.

The past few weeks have been busy, but I’ve been making time to have dinner and coffee dates with friends, and of course, play with my new puppy, Sophia Loren-Petrillo. She’s pretty much the best puppy of all time and I AM OBSESSED. I held back on posting the 94535 photos I’ve taken of her so far but just know that anytime you want to see a photo, I have them.

Hope you enjoy!



koreanbbq inataxi d1 selfie bahnmimotorbike motorbikes nightmarket IMG_2219 colormerun organicstrawberries bikeriding scvivocity mastercup chickenrice

passionfruitmojito sophialoren johnnyandsophia

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